September 10, 2014

SEX ON THURSDAYS: 10 Things I Think I Think About Sex

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When initially asked to pen this column by The Daily Sun, I expressed a measured amount of discomfort and hesitation. Unlike previous columnists, who I’ve read diligently over the past three years, I have not always possessed the same swagger that they have held between their two legs. Like many students, I’ve had flashes of extreme confidence and moments of crippling doubt.

Upon further examination, however, I realized that my experiences were probably more similar to the average student than the uber-successful men and women of previous columns. According to a Sexual Satisfaction Survey conducted by Lifestyle Condoms (hardly scientific, but revealing nonetheless), the largest group of respondents (38 percent) indicated they had between two and four partners throughout their college lives. Even though the attractive student at the opposite end of the dining hall might seem like a confident, sexual freak, it’s far more likely that they’ve been confused, worried, and scared about the subject of sex and all the emotional and mental baggage that can come with it.

But before I move on to my goals and point of view, I want to briefly express my appreciation and humility towards previous writers. Despite differing approaches and styles, they have offered us intimate stories aimed at enhancing our sexual lives. As I embark on this journey with you, I can already see how emotionally demanding this can be and my hat goes off to their hard work.

This brings me to the goal of my column. I hope my writing can provide entertainment (my wildest nights), intrigue (my biggest mistakes) and practical advice (my sex playlist). More importantly, though, I want this column to impart advice and outlook on your sexual experiences, and assure your college years provide pleasure, excitement and, ultimately, happiness.

This goal needs you. Although I will do my best to provide my stories and the stories I have heard from friends, your openness and questions will help drive this column and ensure Cornell students are accurately represented in a way they previously weren’t. I encourage you to send your most embarrassing stories, your hard-earned wins and your deepest, darkest inquiries into the sexual experience.

Before asking you for so much, I figured it was only fair for me to share my viewpoints that will inform my writing much like they guide my life. Here’s my list of the 10 things I think I think about sex:

Like a lecture that focuses on the syllabus, the first article is never as interesting as the others, and I hope I can keep you on the edge of your seats and atop your beds for the coming year. Leave me with your orientation week escapades or lingering questions about your sexual summer and I’ll be sure to include them in upcoming columns.