September 11, 2014

BERRY PATCH: Rulloff’s Is Closed: What Now?

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Earlier in the school year, the beloved Rulloff’s Restaurant and Bar was closed without notice, much to the surprise and despair of alumni, employees and now-finally-21 seniors. According to one old-for-their-grade-junior, “now where will all of the 21st birthdays be celebrated?” Although we are still mourning the loss, we have been told that we need to be thinking ahead … to the weekend when we need to unwind. For this reason, we at The Sun wanted to look to where students can go now to drink away your sorrows. So we sent our best Berry Patch reporters — most of whom are too young to have ever been to Rulloff’s — to see where the next hot spot might be.

Chapter House: Generally known as the place for graduate students, this might be the next hot spot. With a similar, more laid-back vibe, it is a great place to hang out, eat some popcorn and sometimes listen to live music. While it’s never that crowded, our reporters have discovered that it might become overrun with newcomers.

Pixel Lounge: With a lovely seating area and large dance floor, Pixel Lounge might just take over. … Just kidding, that would never happen.

Club Suds: The only 24-hour club in Ithaca (besides the Cocktail Lounge), where there is no last call and you can do your laundry at the same time! Club Suds is a local favorite, and it has become a watering hole for many Collegetown residents, especially those who do not have laundry in their buildings or houses. So come on in, shotgun a beer and watch the rinse cycles. But be aware, it’s BYOB (we think).

Dunbars: A Sun Editorial Board (at least, the ones who care enough to write this editorial) favorite, we are all hoping Dunbars become the cool place to be. Except, we don’t like how crowded it gets, so on second thought don’t come. Also, its already cool and we do not care about anyone who says otherwise.