September 16, 2014

SPRINT FOOTBALL | Red Wide Receivers to Be Key for Upcoming Season

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Just as a strong emphasis on the passing game in the NFL has given way to an increase in talented wide receivers in recent years, so too has this shift been seen in the Collegiate Sprint Football League. Rule makers have altered the game dramatically over the decades, and the changes they have championed, in recent years in particular, have led to the prolific era of passing seen today. With offenses sending passing numbers to the roof, Cornell’s sprint football wideouts have taken on instrumental roles on the field. Carrying a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, the Red’s group of wide receivers is a diverse and strong-willed bunch, determined to make its mark this season.

Despite picking up sprint football for the first time at Cornell, many of the upperclassmen wideouts have proven to be fast learners under Coach Terry Cullen and have become strong leaders for the Red. Junior Trevor Marrero, for example, has just two years of playing time under his belt, as he instead pursued basketball and lacrosse at Phillips Exeter Academy. In contrast, senior wide receiver Jonathan Roth brings a wealth of experience to the squad, having played football since elementary school.

Chris Phare / Sun Staff PhotographerThe Red’s group of wide receivers is a diverse group of players, each having different football experience, ranging from years of play to just one or two years with the sport.