September 18, 2014

BERRY PATCH: Cornell’s Top Career Fair Booths

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This week, Cornell Career Services hosted its annual University Career Fair Days, where almost 300 companies come to campus over two days to allow hopeful, jobless students to at least pretend they can get a job by running around Barton Hall in a suit. We at The Sun were among those students, so we had to send our hard-working Berry Patch reporters — who only went to the Career Fair to get the free swag — to see which booths were ultimately the most popular.

Anything Banking Related: Being the pre-professional students that we are, it is not unbelievable that banking and financial services companies were a popular spot. With the work hard, play hard mentality, students flock to this lucrative path post-graduation. The release of The Wolf of Wall Street probably didn’t hurt either. See: Consulting.

Consulting: See: Anything Banking Related.

Snapchat: One of the most popular social media apps of our generation, Snapchat would be one of our personal favorites at The Sun. The only problem is that we do not have any applicable technical skills to work there. So we are still looking for the job where we can name Instagram filters.

Anything Food Related: With Chipotle giving out free chips and guacamole, they knew their audience and they worked it. Students flocked to the booth, resumes flying everywhere, even after they heard that they were recruiting for cashiers (at least, that’s what we heard, but we don’t hate it). Other popular programs included the Domino’s Leadership Development Program — hello, free pizza — and Burger King Corporate Headquarters in Miami, Florida. Food and sun, what else could you want?

While there were many great companies at the career fair — only a few of which we could highlight here — we would also like to throw in a shameless plug for our seniors: Hire us please?