September 21, 2014

LETTER FROM THE EDITORS: Fostering Appropriate Conversations

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The Cornell Daily Sun has prided itself on 134 years of tradition. We strive to produce the best content in the quickest and most appropriate manner possible at all times. We, as members of the 132nd Editorial Board, work tirelessly to produce the best products that we can, but there are bound to be bumps in the road that will cause conflict and questioning of The Sun’s judgement.

However, one can be sure that we do our best to be fair to all. In terms of our opinion section, we aim to create an environment where a whole host of opinions from students, faculty, alumni and other members of our community can be heard. We as a staff try and facilitate conversation, while ensuring that these pieces that run in The Sun are based on researched facts and the individual or group’s own opinion. Amidst criticism from others, we have and will continue to allow our columnists and our guests to express their opinions and to share said opinions in a safe space.

We support others who have differing views from those presented, but insist that these conversations occur through the appropriate and proper channels. As always, we welcome you to send us an email at [email protected] with suggestions or your opinions in the format of a guest column or a letter to the editor. However, we will not tolerate harassment or inappropriate actions from any member of the community, and instead we look to inspire conversations in a positive manner.

Haley Velasco ’15, editor in chief

Tyler Alicea ’16, managing editor

Caroline Flax ’15, associate editor