September 21, 2014

Phi Mu Finishes Colonization Efforts

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Phi Mu, the newest sorority to colonize at Cornell, extended its first bids in a ceremony Saturday.

The Cornell Panhellenic Association decided to invite the sorority to campus in February after seeing record numbers of women participating in formal recruitment, which increased new member class sizes and an uptake in women not receiving bids, The Sun previously reported.

The future of the sorority was greeted with excitement by students who received bids, including students who were not able to rush in the past, including Bailey Ogle ’16.

“My friends who are already in sororities told me it’s a great way to meet many new people, and I wanted to make some new friends,” Ogle said.

Ogle said she was excited for upcoming events — including a visit to the children’s hospital in Syracuse and mixers with fraternities — that were discussed during the recruitment process and at the Bid Day celebration.

“It was awesome to meet all the girls who were going to be my sisters at the celebration,” Ogle said.

Haley Chambers ’15 said Phi Mu gave her the opportunity to rush a sorority despite not having the time in previous years.

“I’d always wanted to rush, I just never really had the time.” Chambers said. “This year I had the time and it just … felt right to do something new senior year.”

Chambers said she thought that Phi Mu’s recruitment process was more laid-back and “upfront” than normal rush. She added that she thought the sorority’s emphasis on community-building was a good fit for her.

“It was perfect timing,” Chambers said. “I used to be on a sports team. To be able to join a group whose main purpose to build people up and build friendships that last a while. I’m just excited to try something and to get to know all of the girls better who got a bid.”

Meredith Lee ’16 echoed Chambers’ sentiments, saying that she looks forward to engaging with the Phi Mu community.

“I decided to join to get to know more people on campus and to be a part of a community and create a home away from home,” Lee said. “I’m most excited to get to know everybody and meet a lot of new people — it just seems fun, all the events they have planned and getting to be a part of something.”

According to Lee, the fact that Phi Mu is a new chapter also gives its sisters a chance to get more involved than they might at another sorority.

“It’s a new chapter,” Lee said. “It’s an opportunity to create it in the way you want it to be and make your mark in a bigger way.”

Toni Oni ’16, a new member of Phi Mu, said a member of the Panhel community recommended her to one of the Phi Mu extension coordinators, which prompted her to go through the rush process.

“I love meeting new people and saw this as a way I can do so,” Oni said. The bonds that people form when they join sororities are bonds that can last a lifetime and I wanted to be a part of something like that — a family.”