September 24, 2014

Ten Questions With Bethany Douglas

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1. How did you start swimming?

I used to go to swim practice with my sister. I would just sit in the bleachers and I think I was four when I started begging her coach to let me go in the pool with them. I immediately drowned the first time he let me go, but then he would start letting me into her practices every once in a while. Eventually I just became part of the team and I’ve been swimming ever since, even though it was a rocky start. I’ve loved it since then.

2. Do you have any pre-game rituals?

We do something really fun where we gather up all of the kickboards before we have a big meet. So the night before, at practice, we chuck them across the pool at the other team’s logo, so whoever we’ll be swimming against the next day. That’s really fun and it’s a good way for us all to get revved up and into the mind set. It’s been a tradition forever and we love it.

Anything on your own?

I always have my foam roller and my beats. Those are my two things that I always have with me. I always make sure to have a good pre-meet pump up mix and when we go on trips, like our trip to Puerto Rico, I make sure we have good beats. Lots of cheers too. My favorite’s “Red Hot,” so we do that one all the time.

3. You have over 6,000 tweets on Twitter. Are there any particular tweets that that are some of your best work?

Oh god. Okay. This summer I tweeted something about missing the fact that when you were younger, everyone thought you were a great eater when you ate everything in sight, and I wished that we could go back to that because I would still be considered the world’s best eater. Also something about being nostalgic and feeling sorry for my children who are going to have to have 12 internships by the age of 10 in order to get a job. People love it and favorite it when you talk about your past and get nostalgic.

Connor Archard / Sun Sports Photography Editorethany Douglas loves to swim around with her teammates and tweet about it.