September 25, 2014

BERRY PATCH: In Support of More Arts Quad Stuff

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Earlier this month, a new 46-foot-tall needle-shaped art installation rose on the Arts Quad, sparking the interest and confusion of many students on campus. The sculpture is a part of the Cornell Council for the Arts’ biennial celebration, and there is several more art installations that are going to pop up around campus. The list is in fact online, and we can only imagine they will inspire as much confusion as the blue needle. Being the nosy people that we are, we wanted to throw in our two cents on what we think should be the next installation. So we sent our top-notch Berry Patch reporters — who don’t go to campus enough to have seen the structure — to see what else students would want to see.

Tiki Stand: As popular as The Bear’s Den is, students are still hankering for more places to drink on campus. When the weather is nice, it would be a great location to have campus-wide day parties. And we at The Sun are all about day parties.

Shake Shack: With fellow Cornellian Randy Garutti ’97 at the helm as CEO of Shake Shack, we think Shake Shack should show us some love and give us great burgers and shakes in the most prime location on campus. Sure, there is Five Guys, but we would have to go all the way down the hill. Isn’t it all about location, location, location? But only if it will take BRBs or Cornell Card, please.

A Ski Lift: With several students claiming that they are too lazy to walk to class, there was a call for a ski lift that will take students from the bottom to the top of Libe Slope. Just think about how useful it would be during those cold winter days! Also, it would encourage students to exercise more by skiing to and from class. Yeah, that will become a thing.

A Polar Bear in a Burger: Oh wait, that already happened.