September 25, 2014

THE DAPPER MAN | Things I Hate (That You Probably Have)

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There are many fashion items in the world that I personally do not like. The Cornell ecosystem in particular houses some of my most hated pieces. Now, I know it’s no surprise that men in general are not cognizant of clothing style and fashion, but I have seen these following three items around campus too much not to address them. Before I dive into it, one of the main reasons why I hate these items is because they are worn by people who are just following trends and not their own fashion conscience. Fashion is individualistic, unique and meant to be explored so don’t be afraid to dump the following items and get something new!

Sperry Top-Siders

First of all, Sperrys look nice on women, and I will admit that. Reason being is that womanly Sperrys are streamlined, slimming and almost dainty-looking. However, Sperrys for men are a very different story. Besides the fact that they are expensive, Sperrys just look so awkward and out of place. They are boat shoes, and boat shoes seem like fish out of water within normal clothing parameters. Sperrys with jeans? It looks wrong to me. Even worse, Sperrys are semi-formal shoes, so if you are to wear them, at least match them up well with a semi-formal outfit! Perhaps they would not look so out of place if men knew how to complement them well. In this privileged Cornell community, Sperrys are an unfortunate, frequent occurrence, matched terribly more often than not. They honestly seem like an obnoxious status symbol that I wish would be replaced for some actual fashionable shoes. Oh, and one more thing, if you are going to wear Sperrys, please for the love of all that is good in this world, do NOT wear socks.

Blue Jeans

My extreme disdain for blue jeans is well documented, but my struggle to rid the world of blue jeans is still not complete. Light blue jeans are the worst offenders. So, I feel like blue jeans signify a common men’s fashion trend that has come and gone. Before modern times, blue jeans alluded to a rugged, tough look since many male manual laborers would wear them. Then, this look transitioned into the mainstream and everyone started to wear them. However, in our modern society, black pants are now the new standard, must-have pants. Blue jeans have been edged out for a more modern, sleeker appearance. Nevertheless, I see them around campus all the time, and they look rather old. The impression they convey is no longer desirable, and most blue jeans are ill-fitting to boot. I feel as though men as a group should finally say farewell to blue jeans and let them fade into history where they belong.


So back in high school, I remember American Eagle polos were very popular. They came in a multitude of designs, but as long as they were made out of cotton and had the collar, you were good to go. But just like any fad, the draw that made polos so appealing waned, and now it is time to move on. To me, polos are simply too plain and frankly too amateur to be taken seriously nowadays. They are like a hybrid between the casualness of tee shirts and the sophistication of button-down collared shirts; polos are just too identity-confused. To make matters worse, some men choose to wear polos with the collar up, raising his respective “douche” level to a much higher level. Now, I would opt for button-down, long-sleeve collared shirts. They are much more in style and they can act as either long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved shirts (just roll up the sleeves!). And seriously, button-down shirts are a style that will be here to stay.

If you own any of the items listed above, consider switching them out for something a little more stylish, a little more individualistic, a little more “you.”

Eric Ding is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. He may be reached at [email protected]. The Dapper Man runs alternate Fridays this semester.