October 9, 2014

BERRY PATCH: Prepping for Homecoming

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While many students have already left campus for Fall Break, we at The Sun are thinking ahead towards the festivities of next weekend: Homecoming. Yes, Homecoming is still another week away, but like the Boy Scouts, we are always prepared. With alums descending on campus and the University pulling out all of the stops — fireworks show, anyone? — students will need longer than the three days after Fall Break to mentally prepare themselves. So we sent our best Berry Patch reporters — at least, the ones who are still on campus — to see what students are doing in advance of Homecoming weekend.

Cleaning: For those who are having houseguests, or alumni who are crashing on their couches, cleaning is a must. Whether its that couch, the bathroom or your laundry, it all needs to get taken care of before guests arrive. Especially since many of us are children of Cornellians, it’s only natural for parents to come back and relive their Cornell days. So at the very least, clean your apartment/house/dorm for your parents. Unless you don’t care what your guests and parents think, to which we say: You do you.

Doing Homework: Despite being in the middle of prelim season, there will be no time during the weekend to study or do anything else related to school work. So start working now, you’ll thank us later.

Amping Up Your School Spirit: We may not be a typical rah-rah school, but there are certain times where the Cornell Pride is strong: Hockey season, Graduation and, of course, Homecoming. Hit up the Cornell Store while you still can and practice your cheers because this is the one day a year where we pretend to be like a real state school.

Learning How Football Works: For those who do not know, the Homecoming game is football, so study up so you can know what it means when its the first down. Or second. Or fourth.