October 15, 2014

Collegetown Hot Pot Restaurant Will Open Next Week

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A new hot pot restaurant will open next week at 422 Eddy St., the location of former Collegetown bar and restaurant and The Gates, which closed in January.

The restaurant, called De Tasty, will serve a variety of stew known as hot pot — where customers can cook their own food in a pot of boiling water — along with Chinese food from the northeastern part and Sichuan regions of China.

The restaurant will include seven hot pot stations, including four individual ones and three large ones, according to Donald Tu, the manager of the restaurant.

Tu said he also intends to apply for a beer and wine license, but not for liquor.

“We’re anticipating to have the inspections next week,” Tu said. “Hopefully things will fall into place and then we’ll maybe be able to do a grand opening next week … Once the sign is lit and the flag goes up, that means we’re open.”

According to Tu, the space has undergone renovations for the past two weeks, including the installation a new wok station, faucets and painting.

The building’s location does come with challenges, however, Tu said.

“The only thing is that it’s in the basement, and it’s hard to see from the street,” Tu said. “We put up the vertical sign with both English and Chinese.”

Degui Yan, the main chef and owner of De Tasty, previously owned a restaurant in Rochester, according to John Yengo, the commercial department manager at Ithaca Renting Company.

De Tasty Hot Pot, located at 422 Eddy St., will open next week. It will replace The Gates, which closed in January. Michaela Brew / Sun Staff Photographer