October 15, 2014

FIELD HOCKEY | Field Hockey Falls to Orange on Home Field

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This past Sunday, with most students home visiting family, the Syracuse Orange came to Cornell’s Marsha Dodson field. The women’s field hockey team hosted its regional rival for the 30th time since the series began in 1979. Though the game ended with a disappointing 5-0 loss, the Red fought hard the whole way through.

Cornell’s offense worked to make nine shots, six of them on goal.

“We did have a lot of shots on goal. We got a few corners, so offensively I felt like we made an impact and like our forwards were connecting well,” junior forward Katie Garrity said.

Junior goalie Elizabeth Schaeffler echoed the sentiment.

Monique Hall / Sun Staff PhotographerJunior Marisa Siergiej had a strong offensive game against Syracuse, getting shots off on the attack.