October 19, 2014

At Final State of University Address, Skorton Talks Cornell’s Challenges

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At his final State of the University address Friday morning, President David Skorton reflected on areas that Cornell has showed strength in since its founding, as well as issues that the University faces moving into the future.

Skorton said that Cornell has “remained true” to its founding ideals, being able to adapt to the growing needs of students and the greater society surrounding them.

“One-hundred and fifty years ago, we took what was best in the established colleges and augmented it with an approach that would address the needs of post-Civil War America at the start of what has been called the Second Industrial Revolution,” he said. “We aspired to welcome students — women as well as men — from all races and religious beliefs from the United States and other countries and from all economic circumstances.”

President David Skorton delivers his final State of the University address in Statler Hall Friday. (Kelly Yang / Sun News Photography Editor