October 22, 2014

WANG | My Good-Ass Night: Group Therapy’s 100th

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Five days out from Above & Beyond’s 100th Group Therapy radio show, and the effects of ABGT100 withdrawal are still raging strong. In this signature Shithacan doom, gloom and Kirby Room, how do I cope with the syndrome’s symptomatic inattention and melancholia? Hours and hours of live stream coverage from Soundcloud. Of course, half-listening to some sobbing mega-fan get to “push the button” to Jono, Paavo and Tony’s stupefying set while t-testing metrics in the frigid cave that is the 6th floor Stacks isn’t the same thing, but tell that to the asinine bopping of my head. With limbs moving independently of my own will and (uh oh) that right fist throwing its first pump in the air while seated in this ice cube of a graduate carrel, I relive all the goddamn feels of my good-ass night.

Courtesy of Above and Beyond