October 23, 2014

Sorority Hosts First-Ever ‘Pink Week’ for Breast Cancer Awareness

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This week, the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority hosted its first-ever “Pink Week” — a week-long series of fundraising events in an effort to promote breast cancer awareness and support their national philanthropy, Sharshret.

Lauren Goldman ’16, vice president of philanthropy, said the idea arose when she came in contact with other Alpha Epsilon Phi chapters and saw that many held their own versions of Pink Week. Looking at these other Pink Weeks and online for event ideas, she said she wanted to put a twist on what was already out there.

“Since this is the first year, we can see which ideas most made an impact and were the most enjoyable to participate in,” Goldman said. “The events that underperform and do not work for our chapter can be changed in the future until we find a suitable combination.”

Goldman said she began preparing and coordinating for the weeklong event as early as July.

The series of events began Sunday with a Pink 5K Run, according to Goldman. Participants dressed in pink apparel and ran with pink balloons, hats and feather boas.

The next sponsored event was Bra Pong, held Monday on Ho Plaza, Goldman said.

“I discovered the idea of Bra Pong when I was researching fun breast cancer-themed events,” Goldman said. “I liked the creativity and uniqueness of this idea and thought that it was a fundraiser that many people have not seen yet, making it stand out.”

Kimberly Bernstein ’15, a member of the sorority, said she “loved” the event not only because it raised a substantial amount of donations for their philanthropy, but also because it “directly correlated” with the cause they are supporting.

“Using actual bras in our event was a very tangible way to associate college students with breast cancer awareness,” she said.

Wednesday’s event was a Smart Yogurt Fundraiser at both the Elmira Road and Ithaca Mall locations, according to the event’s Facebook page. Pink Week concluded with a “Jewelerry” Sale on Thursday and a Collegetown Grilled Cheese Fundraiser on Friday.

Members of the sorority said that so far, the turnout at events have been “very successful.”

“I think Pink Week has been a very successful philanthropy event,” Sabrina Perlman ’15 said. “Each of the events so far have gotten a lot of support from sisters and from other members of the Cornell community.”

Due to the great response and number of attendees, Goldman said the sorority has raised a substantial amount of money for their national philanthropy.

“Through the 5K, Bra Pong and online donations, we have successfully raised over half our goal,” she said.

In past years, the sorority held individual philanthropy events, which did not have as big of an impact on students, according to Bernstein.

“I believe creating an entire week of breast cancer awareness gives us even more opportunities to talk about our cause and encourage our fellow students to support Sharsheret,” Bernstein said.

Manuela Rios ’16, vice president of operations, said she hopes that students will gain more knowledge and understanding of the cause through the sorority’s efforts.

“I hope that they will gain an insight on the dangers of breast cancer and thus donate to fund further research,” she said.