October 29, 2014

TEN QUESTIONS | Claire MacManus

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Assistant Sports Editor and Ten Questions Columnist Anna Fasman ’16 caught up with senior midfielder Claire MacManus to to talk about everything from knitting to her childhood dream of working in a bowling alley.

1) Tell me about how you got your start in soccer.

I guess I probably started when I was five. It was a social thing in my town. All of my friends played and we did intramural soccer together — my neighbors and my school friends. I just stuck with it and played for Lower Merion, my township, in their rec league. Then I played for the travel team and then went on to other teams from there.

2) You are also on the varsity lacrosse team here. What is it like playing on two varsity teams? How do you balance two varsity teams with academics?

I don’t know any other way. It is busy in the sense that I have two seasons and obviously the teams are busy in their off seasons as well. Right now, I’m missing out on lacrosse’s lifting conditioning and practices. They’re working hard and I’m excited to join them once soccer ends, but in terms of balancing academics and extracurriculars, I actually think that I work better when I have a schedule. When I don’t have anything, I tend to just hang out and do nothing, so it actually works out for me. It’s better for my time management to be busier than not busy at all.

Connor Archard / Sun Sports Photography EditorSenior midfielder Claire MacManus has played for both the varsity lacrosse and varsity soccer teams during her time at Cornell.