October 30, 2014

BERRY PATCH: Halloween Costumes for 2014

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Now that it is finally Halloween — the holiday we have all been waiting for, obviously, because we get school off and get to go home and relax and everything — the dreaded question arises. As groups across campus sit in Terrace, Trillium or the Big Red Barn, everyone chattering about their possible costumes, the question is always the same, “What are you being?” So we sent our best Berry Patch reporters — who have decided to all go as One Direction — to dig up the best possible costume ideas.

Morphsuit, any design: While the morphsuit has lost its novelty somewhat, there is still some merit to this all-over costume. For the past several years, Halloweekend has fallen on another, not-so-raucously-celebrated event: First Year Parent’s Weekend. This means having to avoid your parents in order to go to parties. So to make sure they don’t see you, wear a suit that covers any and all distinguishing features? Party on.

Taylor Swift: With the release of 1989, Taylor Swift has decidedly switched from the country-pop sound of the past and moved towards the full-on pop. To reflect this, why not dress half of your body in the classic country staples — cowboy boots, sundress, etc.  — and the other in, well, not that. Other aspects of the costume: Talking incessantly about ex boyfriends, shaking it off and trying to twerk.

Denise Cassaro, Kathy Zoner and Travis Apgar: Though it requires three people, it’s a great group costume for those who love Cornell and want to show how much they care. Taping their emails to yourself, while suggested, was discouraged.

Your Parents: Since it is Parent’s Weekend, might as well have an homage to mom and dad and dress up as them. Whether that’s a lot of argyle or flowy skirts, there is a lot to work with there. They’ll be flattered, right?

Bacon and Eggs: We did it. That means you should too. Honorable mention to couples costume Ketchup and Mustard.