November 3, 2014

EDITORIAL: Don’t Do Nothing: Vote

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Today marks Election Day for the 2014 midterm elections — an election where every seat in the House of Representatives is up for election as well as 36 senators and 36 governors. Voters will also decide which party holds the majority in the Senate, which, if there are majority Republican Senators, will potentially affect President Barack Obama’s ability to push through legislation in the last two years of his presidency. In addition to the seats in Congress that have the potential to change hands, many states are including ballot measures on issues such as gun control, minimum wage, abortion and marijuana legalization on which voters will be able to decide. We at The Sun believe that it is important for all community members to make informed decisions and exercise their right to vote today.

For voters registered in Tompkins County, Democratic candidate Martha Robertson ’75 is vying for Republican incumbent Tom Reed’s seat in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Robertson and Reed have clashed on issues such as the government shutdown and equal pay, with Robertson claiming Reed is a part of the “war on women.” In addition, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) is also up for reelection against Rob Astorino, and voters will be able to choose who will fill the positions of Comptroller and Attorney General. Regardless of political affiliation, we urge anyone who will vote to consider the issues they believe are most important and vote for the candidate that best represents their interest.

However, we recognize that not every member of the Cornell community is a registered New York State voter. Therefore, we will not call for only those registered in Tompkins County to make their voice heard, but for all members of the community to vote today. Regardless of the state in which someone is registered, there are important issues on the ballot that will affect their community. For those who are not registered, while you cannot register on election day, it will be important to register, if for no other reason than the presidential election in 2016.

As people begin to head to the polls today, we commend those who have already taken the initiative to fill out an absentee ballot. But for those who have not made it to the polls, we at The Sun call on these voters to not sit out this election: Vote.