November 5, 2014

WOKE UP IN THE KITCHEN | A Fall Favorite to Take the Edge Off Prelim Season

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With Halloweekend in our rearview mirror, the temperature dropping and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re all in a candy infested, prelim-filled slump. Unfortunately, when stress hits, we usually turn to food, and as college students, the food around us is not always the healthiest. The healthiest food isn’t always the most delicious.

In my opinion, the best part of fall is the food. All of the major holidays revolve around apples and spices, reminding us of comfort and home … and not having to worry about prelims. Maybe by bringing some of this comfort to your Cornell home, the impending drop in temperature will be a bit more bearable.

Pumpkin — a fall favorite for carving into, making pies with and extracting seeds from — can not only fill your home with a beautiful smell, but also provide you with healthy nutrients. Its bright orange color is a giveaway for its main benefit-beta-carotene. This vitamin A precursor has been linked to promoting health and fighting off diseases. Pumpkin has shown great promise in lowering rates of heart disease and reducing the risk of breast cancer. Similar to other the other produce that I’ve spoken about, pumpkin is low in calories and makes for a great oil replacement. Its low-calorie nature also makes it a great ingredient to add into your fall foods. Moreover, at $1.99 for 29 ounces of puree at Wegmans, it is an affordable ingredient to use.

While pumpkin gains its popularity from pie, the recipes involving pumpkin are endless. From smoothies to spreads to soups, those two dollars will go far! Here are some easy, college-level-cooking ideas:

RECIPE | Pumpkin Pie Bites



RECIPE | Pumpkin Soup