November 16, 2014

EDITORIAL: Cornell-AOL Partnership Pushes Innovation Forward

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With a multimillion dollar gift from AOL, Cornell Tech will form the Connected Experiences Laboratory for faculty, students and researchers to collaborate on technologies. The partnership between Cornell and AOL will last four years and enable researchers at both Cornell Tech and the Technion-Israeli Institute of Technology to explore information and entertainment, in addition to “communication and coordination; food and wellness; education and safety,” among other things. We at The Sun believe the partnership with AOL as the latest instance in Cornell’s history pushing computing’s boundaries — a trend we applaud and encourage.

Cornell has a history of innovations in computing. Even before the Department of Computer Science was founded, professors were developing simpler programing languages than the ones popular at the time. During the 1960s and 1970s, Cornell helped define and expand the boundaries of the new computing field. In the 1980s, Cornell became an integral part of the nascent internet, housing one of the four National Science Foundation supercomputer centers and during the 1990s, Cornell faculty continued innovating with several faculty members receiving prominent appointments.

Today, Cornell continues to innovate. Its students and faculty are regularly recognized for their achievements in computing and computing related fields, pushing the boundaries of what we believed possible. We at The Sun take pride in these achievements and we wholeheartedly support this innovation. Technology is changing the world for the better, making work more efficient and connecting us with people around the world. We at The Sun commend the University for pushing technology’s boundaries and believe the University’s partnership with AOL will continue to propel this legacy further.