December 1, 2014

C.U. Doorstep Shuts Down After One Week

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Citing issues with the Cornell housing contract, C.U. Doorstep — a student-run food service that delivered Chipotle to pick-up locations around campus on Tuesdays — shut down last Monday.

The service, which had been in operation for one week before closing, is attempting to resolve the issues and hopes the shutdown is only “temporary,” according to Declan Sander ’18, co-founder and chief technology officer of the company.

Sander cited problems with the “commercial activities” section of the Housing contract, but declined to provide further details.

No commercial business or activity may be conducted in or from any room or residence hall, and using residence telephones, Internet and wireless connections for profit-making purposes is also prohibited, according to the Cornell housing contract.

“Since the business has operations on campus, as well as the fact that I reside on campus, conflicts have come to our attention,” he said.

Anthony Iannaci ’18, a student who said he was looking forward to using the service, said he thought C.U. Doorstep was “a great idea.”

“It would have been the most efficient way for me to get Chipotle on campus, and I know many of my friends would have thought the same,” he said.

Lindsay Hale ’18, however, said she would not have made much use of the service.

“I heard that C.U. Doorstep only delivered to Central Campus and for me that’s not convenient,” she said. “I also heard rumors that the service was very slow and everything sold out very quickly.”

Until the issues are resolved, Iannaci said he plans to use other campus delivery services.

“There’s nothing wrong with some of the other delivery services,” he said. “In fact, they’re probably more reliable at this point. But it still would be nice to have Chipotle as a [delivery] option, so I hope they get up and running soon.”

C.U. Doorstep executives are expected to meet with Sarah Ploss — Cornell’s Entrepreneur in Residence who currently advises Cornell-connected startups — this Wednesday, according to Sander.