September 22, 2015

TALK IS CHIC | Fashions Fade, Style and Friendship Are Eternal

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Based on our mutual interests, would — for a lack of a better word — “match” us in a second, but most Millenials would rather tinker with Tinder and I’m not so confident that we would have matched on this more superficial app. We were fortunate enough to meet in real life and run into each other frequently because of our shared major, Fiber Science and Apparel Design. Fast forward three years as we migrated from admiring racks in Bergdorf’s to the Great Lawn of Central Park: We found ourselves once again reflecting on the beginning of an epic friendship.

ET: I remember when I first met you and exactly what you were wearing.

GO: I also remember exactly what I was wearing that day, probably because I planned it months in advance.

ET: You were wearing that plaid blazer with a printed pair of pants and those yellow leather stilettos. I was like, “She’s interesting, I want to get to know her.”

GO: All favorite items in my closet to this day, but honestly I’m cringing at the fact that there was a time when I wore all of them together.

ET: Somehow it worked in a way that made me eager to befriend you. So much of the college experience is based on first impressions, especially on how you present yourself externally.

GO: So true. And it pains me realizing your first impression of me was so vivid while mine of you was just another introduction blended into the hundreds of O-Week.

ET: I’m not insulted because I admit, I was a little basic my freshman year. I’ve become bolder through my Cornell experience, fashion- and lifestyle-choice-wise thanks to you. You’re kind of my muse.

GO: And I’ve definitely calmed down in both fashion and lifestyle-choices since that year.

ET: We’ve hit a happy equilibrium through what some might say is an unexpected friendship

GO: A friendship that has grown through debate, debauchery and Delpozo. Amazing Spring RTW 2016 collection, by the way.

Moral of the story: Don’t judge a textbook by its tackily designed cover. The content comes later in the semester