Michelle Feldman / Sun Senior Photographer The official Charter Day celebration for Cornell University's 150th Anniversary. President Skorton, Issac Kramnick, Glen Alschuler and President-Elect Elizabeth Garrett join to celebrate this momentous occasion. April 27, 2015; Barton Hall

September 30, 2015

Skorton Transitions Into New Smithsonian Position

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p class=”p1″>President Emeritus David Skorton appears to have settled into his position as secretary of the Smithsonian Institution smoothly. In his first interview with The Washington Post as secretary, Skorton defended the decision to exhibit works from comedian Bill Cosby’s collection and expressed plans to engage the local Washingtonian community more.

“As an overriding principle, we have to avoid censorship. I am very much against taking down an exhibition once it has opened,” said Skorton, responding to criticism over a decision to continue exhibiting works on loan from Cosby, who allegedly sexually assaulted over 50 women.

Skorton has overseen several initiatives, which range from small, like posting a poem each week outside his office, to large, such as the construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. According to The Washington Post, he also plans to create a youth council of regional high school students.

Additionally, Skorton has become a distinguished professor at Georgetown University.