Jason Ben Nathan / Sun Senior Photographer During her free time, junior Macey Wilson works in the Webster Lab, a laboratory under the Cornell Lab or Ornithology. She does research with grasshopper mice.

October 7, 2015

TEN QUESTIONS | Macey Wilson

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Ten Questions columnist and sophomore Hannah Noyes sat down with junior volleyball player Macey Wilson to talk about everything from her proudest accomplishments as an athlete, to her celebrity crush (or crushes, as the case may be).

1. What is your greatest accomplishment as a Cornell athlete?
I was named to the All-Tournament team at the St. John’s invitational this season. It was awesome to be recognized as a top player at a tournament with four other teams.

2. What is your best memory from growing up?
My favorite memory from volleyball was during my senior year of high school playing with my club team when we won the American Division at Junior Olympics. I still wear the ring that we got as a reminder that hard work can lead to amazing results.

3. What is your favorite part about being back at school?
I love coming back to Cornell after the summer and being surrounded by amazing people and being back in my research lab.

In what research lab do you work?

I work in the Webster Lab under the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior. I do research with grasshopper mice.

4. What would you say is the greatest strength of the team this year?
Our greatest strength this year is our team chemistry. We love being together and we are constantly laughing on and off the court. We always have so much fun together and I love the feeling of having a family away from home.

5. Do you have a favorite restaurant in Ithaca? What is it and what’s your favorite meal there?
I love Sunset Grill. I always go there whenever my family is in town and being there always reminds me of being with my family. I always get pancakes and bacon.

6. What is the biggest piece of advice that you would give to incoming freshmen athletes?
As hard as it might be, try and find a balance of everything. College is your opportunity to try new things, [so] don’t focus too much on school and miss out on the other opportunities available. There is so much more to life than [a] GPA.

7. What is the best class you’ve taken at Cornell?
My favorite class is actually one of my classes now, Biology 2800, Lectures in Genetics and Genomics. So far the professor is amazing and the material is really interesting.

8. What is something about you that not many people know?
I like to go fishing and hunting.
How did you pick that up?

The first time I went fishing I was probably four or five, but I wasn’t allowed to actually hold my own fishing pole until I was 10. I also wasn’t allowed to go hunting until I was older, probably around 13. But I’ve been surrounded by it my whole life and I’ve enjoyed every time I went.

9. Who is your celebrity crush and why?
I have to go with One Direction. Me and my best friend have loved them for a while. I think it became more of a sign of our friendship than an actual celebrity crush.

10. Who was the last person to make you smile?
Does my dog count? My mom sends me pictures and videos of my terrier mix running around and bothering my other dog, who is a chow and lab mix. He is always hilarious and makes my day better.