October 29, 2015

CHERNER | Halloweekend

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Halloween Weekend at Cornell. It’s better than Homecoming because instead of dressing up in all red outfits, you dress up in whatever you want! It’s better than Slope Day because there are three times as many opportunities to have fun!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday; with pumpkin patches and apple cider, or skeletons and candy corn, I practically had my own advent calendar for October 31st. With the Halloween spirit posed the yearly challenge of epic costumes. From a young age I dressed up as things like a cave girl, Tinkerbell and a flapper — which was really a twenties prostitute. Still not sure how my parents let that one slide.

This year like any other, Cornell students will host open parties where your only invitation is a costume, so it’s important to nail it. Whether or not your costume takes five minutes or five hours to come up with, here are some ideas to help scare away any bad ones.

Since everyone has been talking about politics lately, a sure fire way to get some attention this Halloween without taking off too many articles of clothing is dressing up as Donald Trump. Whether it’s campaign swag you can order on Amazon or just a hat, the “Make America Great Again” slogan is the best “costume” this year.

Girls, its hard to come up with a cute outfit for a costume, but here is a major hint. You, or most likely one of your friends, have an American apparel spandex dress — yes, you know which one I’m talking about. Well it doesn’t really matter what color it is because you can make it work for a fun Halloween costume. If it’s red, be a devil — get some horns and red lipstick and call it a day. If it’s white, be an angel — buy a white glow necklace and pin it in a circle on your head as a halo! If it’s green, go for the Statue of Liberty — buy a Statue of Liberty headband on Amazon (yes they have them). If it’s blue, be creative…

Guys, you have the easiest and trending costume this year! Be a dad! All you have to do is eat all of your Halloween candy before the 31st and put on all the weight you need for the “dad bod” look. Then go shirtless for the night, show everyone just how much of a dad you are and be more scandalous than any of the girls dressed in skimpy corsets telling you they’re animals!

These are just some easy ideas that take the stress out of Halloween and help you focus on the real fun of this holiday. So if you do anything this weekend, make sure to get some good ideas for next year, and of course, don’t forget to trick or treat!