Evan Kravitz / Sun Contributor

October 29, 2015

Food to Get Eggcited About: Egg-Based Recipes You Can Prepare in Your Own Dorm Room

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p class=”p1″>Nothing says “good morning” like eggs. The egg has to be the quintessential breakfast dish. Whether you like them sunny side up on their own or scrambled next to some toast, there is always an appropriate place for eggs at the breakfast table. But if you want to eat an egg on campus, you have to either:

a) go to a dining hall/café.
b) buy a frying pan and make them yourself.

Not anymore: Say hello to the microwave, which can radically change how you think about eggs. Unbeknownst to most people, you can prepare an assortment of egg dishes in the microwave that rival any traditionally made egg. Plus, you skip the hassle of procuring and cleaning cookware.

Scrambled eggs: a breakfast classic. The microwave version of this dish definitely does traditionally made scrambled eggs justice. All you need is a microwavable vessel (a mug works just fine), some eggs, a couple tablespoons of milk and salt and pepper to taste. Basically, mix the egg with all the ingredients in the mug and pop it in the microwave for a minute or so. Cook as long or as little as you want. Personally, I like my eggs to be creamy and retain their luscious texture, so I tend to slightly undercook my eggs. In some ways, the microwave makes scrambled eggs better than traditional ones. I find my microwaved eggs to be amazingly fluffy, a feat that can be hard to achieve with a frying pan.

Scrambled eggs not your thing? Are you more of a sunny side up kind of person? The microwave’s got you covered. This recipe requires a plate and some oil. Simply lube up a plate with some cooking oil, plop an egg on top and then puncture a small hole in the yolk. The yolk needs to ventilate in order to prevent a messy explosion, but you don’t want they yolk to run all over the plate, either, so perform this step carefully. For me, it took about a minute to fully cook the white in the microwave. Unfortunately, I was unable to achieve a nice runny yolk with microwave cooking, which is definitely a significant limitation if you’re into that. But at least you can get a decent-looking “fried” egg in virtually no time.

The omelette is definitely my favorite microwaved egg recipe. It would seem that the microwave is perfect for omelettes. You want to delicately cook the egg while perfectly melting the cheese, something a microwave can surely do. Also, with a microwave, you don’t have to futz around with a spatula when flipping your egg, which can be a risky maneuver. Similar to the sunny side up recipe, grease a microwavable plate and then pour whisked raw eggs onto it. Microwave it for about 20 to 30 seconds, until the eggs appear halfway cooked. Then pile cheese or other toppings on one half of the plate. I used some sharp cheddar cheese that I had lying around, but use whatever toppings you have available. Vegetables would definitely work here. Then return the plate to the microwave and cook for about a minute, until the eggs appear fully cooked and the cheese is fully melted. Use a fork or a knife to fold the two halves together, and voilà: an amazing-looking omelette.

Here’s another neat microwave trick. Fill your mug two-thirds of the way with water and crack an egg into it. Microwave for about a minute and you have yourself a poached egg. Like with the sunny side up eggs, the yolk will be fully cooked, but that’s something you can’t really do anything about with microwave cooking.

So there you go: easy microwave eggs. Try them out.