November 12, 2015

A DOlicious Treat Is Coming to Campus

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While I’m usually the first to praise and share Ithaca’s wonderful, local eateries, today I shift my focus to a NYC-based company. This start-up specializes in the dessert trend of the future: edible cookie dough. DO, Cookie Dough Confections, transforms the previously forbidden delectable into a 100 percent consumable and highly-addicting treat. The company uses a pasteurized egg substitute, allowing customers to enjoy cookie dough without any risks of salmonella poisoning. Not only can customers consume the cookie dough right out of the container, but they also have the liberty to bake it (or half-bake it, my favorite!). DO is transforming the gourmet dessert game and pushing aside tired-out trends like bite-sized cupcakes.

As if being able to consume chocolate chip cookie dough was not exciting enough, DO makes about 20 different flavors. The variety is endless with flavors like Chocolate Dream, Nuts for Nuts, Oatmeal M&M and Chewy Coconut Granola. The company also seasonally rotates specialty flavors, such as The Frosted Fork, which is made in collaboration with the foodie heaven Instagram account, New Fork City.

Why is this NYC-based dessert dreamland relevant to the Cornell community? Because it’s now easily available through DO’s ambassador program. Though DO shipment is available to 48 states, the shipping cost of one pint can get pricey. To reduce shipping costs, the DObassador organizes a bulk-order through which students can purchase as much DO as they please. Students pay for the DO they ordered, plus a subsidized shipping fee, allowing students to get DO more cheaply. So far, these orders have been a success. Students who ordered DO loved it, finding the program a convenient way to get their hands on the dessert.

“I love DO! It is everything that you would imagine and more. The flavor combinations are so on point and they even have gluten-free and vegan options. Ordering through the ambassador program also allowed me to get DO at my convenience,” Chandra Yueh ’16 said.

I myself am addicted. In the words of my boyfriend, “DO is your life.” Potentially sad, but very true. All of the flavors that DO offers are amazing. My two favorite flavors would have to be Nuts for Nuts and Oatmeal M&M.

Nuts for Nuts is perfect for any peanut butter lover. The peanut butter cookie dough batter is creamy and tastes exactly like peanut butter without  sticking to every corner of your mouth. The Reese’s pieces and peanut butter cups add an extra peanut butter and chocolate explosion. The best way to enjoy this cup of heaven is to heat it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds so that the dough becomes slightly half-baked and the chocolate on the peanut butter cups melts.

Oatmeal M&M is a classic that’s always been my favorite kind of cookie, and it tastes even better in cookie dough form. I love the subtle sweetness and texture of the oatmeal base. The add-ins of semisweet chocolate chips and M&Ms add delicious chocolate that makes the dough the perfect treat. Because there is so much chocolate in this flavor, it is also amazing to eat half-baked. The oatmeal gets soft and gooey, and chocolate warms and liquefies. Another great way to eat this flavor is in pancakes. The next time you make brunch, throw some DO into your pancake to add bites of DOliciousness to your typical breakfast staple.

Even though those are my favorite flavors, there truly isn’t a flavor at DO that I don’t love. Narrowing down my favorites was a serious challenge. I find it incredibly hard not to be obsessed with a company that is regenerating the gourmet dessert market. And besides the product itself, the founder of and workers at DO are some of the hardest working and energetic people I have ever met. With a devoted team and kickass product, I see only a bright future for DO.

Students interested in purchasing DO should contact me.