November 15, 2015

Two College Aged Males Injured in Separate Falls From Roofs

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p class=”p1″>Two college aged males were airlifted to hospitals Saturday as a result of two separate falls — one on Stewart Avenue and another near Ithaca College campus, according to Ithaca Police Public Information Officer Thomas Basher Jr.

A college aged male was airlifted to Robert Packer Hospital after falling from a roof at 306 Stewart Ave. at approximately 4:30 p.m. Saturday. The man was unresponsive and “seriously injured” following the fall, according to Basher.

Bangs Ambulance, the Ithaca Fire Department and Ithaca Police were at the scene. Ithaca Police interviewed witnesses and are investigating the accident, according to Basher.

Seven hours later, another college aged male was flown to Upstate Medical Center after falling from a balcony near Ithaca College. The man “suffered serious injuries,” according to Basher. Ithaca College police are investigating the incident.

This is the third reported incident this semester in which a college aged male has fallen off a roof and been evacuated to a hospital by helicopter. Earlier at the end of September, Ithaca Police reported that a 20 year old man had fallen off a fraternity roof on North Campus.