December 3, 2015

Five Minute Meals: Kimchi Tofu Pasta

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I wake up to the soothing voice of Justin Bieber playing in my ear. My roommate has recently picked up Purpose like it’s his new national anthem. I roll out of bed and stumble to my phone to see the dreaded number 12, indicating that half the day has already gone by. Though I’m not too hungry after last night’s Bo Burger, I decide to raid the fridge to see what’s available for a wake-up lunch. We’ll call this series 5 ingredient meals for the average college student. Though neither my roommate nor I have been to Wegmans in the past two weeks, there lay a package of opened dry pasta, a couple kimchi packets, and some tofu. Using my slightly hazy yet inspired mind, I decide to make a kimchi tofu pasta. I throw the leftover pasta into the boiling water for a couple minutes and look for olive oil to start frying the tofu, but there is none to be found. No worries. I place the cast-aside tofu into the searing pan and add a little hot water to keep it hydrated before seasoning. I strain the pasta and add the kimchi spice to the tofu to blend all the flavors. When I start to char the side of the tofu, I take the pot off the fire and plate it with a hint of black pepper on top. Not too shabby for a Sunday morning brunch.