Illumination’s Sing Deserves to Take a Bow

Illumination Entertainment’s still the new kid on the block, but more and more they’re showing that they have the guts to fit in with the older names in animation. Chris Meledandri’s company has delivered another par for the course with Sing, an animated family musical. Directed and written by Garth Jennings, known for adapting The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in 2005, and joined by Christophe Lourdelet in his own debut as co-director, Sing is a delightful holiday treat that’ll leave you with good vibes. The film centers around Buster Moon, a koala voiced by Matthew McConaughey who’s living the dream of owning his own theater. The problem is, his dream’s piled up with debt that he cannot pay back.

Passengers: A Wasted Chris Pratt Oscar Nomination

There is no reason that Passengers had to be a mediocre film, and it is just that — mediocre. Though I certainly enjoyed parts of the film, there’s no chance I remember this movie next holiday season. That’s a shame because director Morten Tyldum’s film had a 110 million dollar budget and a star-studded cast. Passengers is the tale of Jim Preston, played by Chris Pratt, a traveler on the Starship Avalon, which is voyaging from an overpopulated Earth to a budding colony world. When a collision with a large asteroid causes Jim’s hibernation pod to malfunction, he finds himself alone aboard a ship nearly 90 years from its destination — doomed to never see the Avalon’s destination.