February 2, 2016

Dyson Atrium in Sage Hall Gets Makeover

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The Dyson Atrium in Sage Hall — the home of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management — received a makeover during winter break with the addition of new furniture, an updated sound system and the installment of more electric outlets.

Last semester, a small group of faculty, staff and students with architecture and interior design backgrounds worked together to create a space that would accommodate the events and students using the atrium, according to Amanda Sloane Shaw, associate dean for student services of the Johnson School.

Renovation plans began last semester when the committee made design decisions to enhance the events that would take place in the atrium, according to Teodoro Guzman grad, chair of the student council facilities.

“We have high tables around the perimeter for informational conversations, tables of various sizes to accommodate diverse group types, soft seating areas for more relaxed conversations and bigger desks with power outlets for more extended work sessions,” Guzman said.

In addition, Guzman said state of the art LED lighting and new recycling bins, as part of a new waste management campaign, were installed.

According to Shaw, the addition of more two and four-seater tables has more than doubled the seating capacity of the space.

Guzman said these upgrades are part of the ongoing updates to Sage Hall in an attempt to make the facilities more accessible and to promote day-to-day interaction.

“The Johnson program prides itself on being a really close-knit collaborative community,” Shaw said. “It is a crossroads of the community that allows students, faculty and outside community members to interact with each other at events.”

Some students have already said they have experienced the benefits of the new space.

“I think the new chairs and tables provide a comfort you couldn’t previously get at Sage,” said Katrina Simon ’16. “I loved studying there, but it was always a painful task. Now, I’m actually looking forward to studying there come prelim time.”

More renovations will also be made to create a collaborative workspace for Johnson students on the third floor of Sage Hall this semester, according to Shaw. The upcoming renovations will include the addition of new furniture and the creation of a new entranceway.