March 15, 2016

Cornellians Elect 2016 Student Assembly Members

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Cornellians have elected Jordan Berger ’17 Student Assembly President and Matthew Indimine ’18 Executive Vice President in the 2016 S.A. elections.

Nearly 30 percent of the Cornell student body voted in the elections, according to the assembly’s website.

“I hope to [instill] the importance of truly representing the voices of students who are often not included in many discussions or decisions,” Indimine said.

Only six positions, including S.A. president, were contested this election cycle.

Julia Montejo ’17 and Traciann Celestin ’19 were elected to serve as Minority Liaisons-at-Large on the S.A., and Lauren Lang ’17 will be the Class of 2017 President, according to the S.A. website.

Akhilesh Issur ’17 was elected International Student Liaison-at-Large for the S.A.

Students also elected Bjorn Bjornsson ’18, Yuchen Wang ’17 and Daniel Engelson ’18 to fill the three Arts and Sciences Representative positions.

Additionally, Justin Selig ’17 and Rebecca Herz ’18 won positions as College of Engineering Representatives.

Daniel Engelson ’18, who ran uncontested for Class of 2018 President, expressed his appreciation for the students in the College of Arts and Sciences who voted in the election.

“They spoke their voice so that I, along with the other elects, could fight for them, and that is exactly what we will do,” Engelson said.