A screen shot of the Facebook group titled "Union of White Cornell Students."

March 18, 2016

Aided by White Nationalist Groups, Union of White Cornell Students to Release Demands, Host March

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Two anonymous students from the Union of White Cornell Students claim that the group will release demands to Cornell administration within the next few days and eventually organize a march of white students.

In an interview with The Sun on Wednesday, the students called the union a “civil rights group” with over 140 members. The students asserted that they also plan to host a white students’ march and initiate a speaker series.

While the two students declined to provide their full names, citing concerns for their safety, they were joined on the phone call by “external supporter” and white nationalist Andrew Auernheimer — commonly known online as “Weev.” Auernheimer corroborated his identity by tweeting at The Sun from his account, upon request during the interview.

Screen Shot

Screenshot of Andrew Auernherimer’s tweet to The Cornell Daily Sun’s Twitter account.

The Union of White Cornell Students first received public attention after posting an open letter on its Facebook page on March 3 describing their group as “a community of white students who wish to preserve and advance their race.”

In a March 17 interview with The Sun, conducted online on the UberConference platform, the two anonymous students and Auernheimer said they feel a need to secure the safety of white students on campus.

“I am anonymous right now because I am afraid of my fellow students and the direction they are going,” said one of the two anonymous students, who identified himself during the interview with the username Billy Jessup. “Some of these folks are a little too motivated to be aggressive towards white people.”

They also said that part of the union’s mission is to combat the demands Black Students United delivered to the administration in November. Those demands include renaming the Cornell Plantations and creating mandatory coursework for all students on systems of power and privilege.

“Right now the administration has been receptive to BSU. We want them to come back from their earlier statements,” said one of the anonymous students, who said he was a sophomore in the School of Industrial Labor Relations and was identified during the interview only by a phone number with a 603 area code. “We want the Cornell Plantations name to stay as is. We want BSU disbanded and more fair dialogue about the issue of race.”

The group also criticized what they called BSU’s attempt to promote a program of “racial reeducation,” pointing to BSU’s calls for a diversity course requirement and increased diversity in Gannett Health Service’s resource center staff.

“They want to have black therapists at Gannett to ensure that they can understand minorities, because they don’t feel like they’re understood,” one of the anonymous students said. “There are not just whites [at Gannett currently]. We find this absolutely ludicrous. Present me metrics on… how [black therapists] would understand your plight in a different way.”

Responding to the claims made by the anonymous students, a representative from BSU said, “Until members of the Union of White Cornell Students reveal themselves, their opinions about our demands, our organization and our race are not of consequence.”

In response to questions regarding the group’s legitimacy and anonymity, the students said members of the union choose to remain anonymous and meet secretly in small groups because they are concerned for their safety.

“Since we’ve started people have been trying to discredit us,” one of the anonymous students said. “They don’t want to believe that a voice like ours could exist on such a liberal campus with such a liberal bias.”

The anonymous students claimed that the union is made up of between 140 to 170 members, with 20 to 30 graduate students and undergraduates from at least six undergraduate colleges at Cornell. While the group plans to deliver demands to the Cornell administration soon, the union has not had any contact with Cornell administration yet and is not officially registered with the University, according to the students.

In November of last year, 31 other “White Student Union” Facebook pages appeared, claiming to represent groups from universities around the country. While many of these pages received support the same white supremacist website, The Daily Stormer, that is sponsoring Cornell’s union, several were exposed to have no credible link to the campuses where they originated.

Addressing the legitimacy of these groups, Auernheimer conceded that some of the White Students Unions had received little support from students on campus, but called others were “very real,” adding that Cornell’s union has the support of many student members.

The anonymous students also said that the Cornell campus will soon recognize the group’s legitimacy when the union organizes a “march of white students and white civil rights activists” with financial and logistical support from The Daily Stormer.

Auernheimer said The Daily Stormer has provided the union with a $500 grant and said that he intends to be one of the speakers in the lecture series the group aims to initiate.

“[The Daily Stormer] is involved in a number of outreaches to white students unions, a reporter posts on Daily Stormer forums, and after some sort of communication we provide financial support sometimes,” said Auernheimer, who has previously written for The Daily Stormer. “So we’re providing a small grant to the white students union at Cornell, and I provide logistical assistance and I’ll be a speaker.”

The two anonymous students said that the union’s formation and open letter have received mixed reaction on campus, adding that despite significant criticism, many students have reached out to the group through their Facebook page to address the group’s aims and intentions.

“A lot of people have reached out to us through the page and said this is a dialogue that we need to have,” one student said. “Even if they don’t support white activism they do believe that the concerns that we have are legitimate.”

The students also said that the group originally tried to work with student organizations to organize a speaker series, claiming that they have previously and unsuccessfully attempted to convince the International Students Union to sponsor journalist Milo Yiannopolous.

ISU has refuted this claim, saying that the members of their executive board have not had any contact with the Union of White Cornell Students and the group does not plan to collaborate on a speaker series, according to an ISU executive board member.

“ISU stands in strong solidarity with protecting and upholding the interests and representation of minority communities including the international students community at Cornell,” the representative said. “We are strongly against any forces that threaten to hurt or undermine the pluralist fabric of this campus.”

The anonymous students on the call denounced being labeled as a “hate group” and said the unions’ members are not racist. Instead, they described themselves as “just very concerned white students.”

“We’re not considered minorities. We’re considered privileged, and slowly there has been this dialogue of minorities that they need to have certain rights,” one anonymous student said. “They don’t have rights already? I’m sorry, I must have misunderstood. But when it comes to me it’s a different story, isn’t it?”

The students and their external supporter stressed that their group is legitimate and its proposed projects imminent.

“This is coming, this is going to happen, there’s nothing you can do about it,” one student said. “White people are fed up with being treated like a minority. Do you understand that?”

  • Mike McCarty

    I love the end quote, “White people are fed up with being treated like a minority.” Pretty much says it all right there.

    • sara t. quick

      this ol’ white folk wishes that you little assholes would go back to Europe.

      • William St. Louis

        Just like you wish Blacks would go back to Africa, Asians to Asia, & Latinos to South & Central America? You bigot, diversity is our greatest strength.

    • che

      Yeah. It’s unintentionally brilliant. They are making the point that minorities are treated poorly, and that they do not want to be treated poorly, nor do they want to be treated like EVERYBODY else (because everybody who isn’t white is a minority), they want to be treated special. It’s like, in this very sentence they are demanding their white privilege be upheld and acknowledging the lesser treatment of those without white privilege.

      It’s applause worthy.

      • che

        Unless it’s satire… in which case, it’s intentionally brilliant.

  • John Brown

    Reveal yourselves then you racist motherfuckers.

  • You might want to think about this

    “We want BSU disbanded” – For Cornell to follow through on that would be a violation of the same 1st amendment that gives you the right to exist. If you can’t convince people through legitimate debate that your ideology isn’t bankrupt, authoritarianism isn’t going to convince them otherwise (liberal student groups may want to think about that too.)

  • White Student

    Even if you believe that white students are treated like a minority why does that have to preclude the justice of other racial groups? If you believe that there is a system in place that is devaluing or discriminating against white people then we should all collectively work to take down those systems together alongside other minorities facing discrimination. I’m sorry you feel like your oppression is not being taken serious, but just in terms of strategy it doesn’t make sense to fight other oppressed people. Black people are not the ones in power so if you think that they need to be targeted that’s where the questions of hate are coming from. If you think that being treated like a minority is bad enough to rally around than how can you not realize that all minorities experience those same frustrations? You don’t even lay out any concrete examples of oppression except for “being treated like a minority” which is apparently such a bad situation it justifies action, so how can you completely lack empathy? Questioning power is how change happens, liberation is not zero sum it’s all connected.

    • EBO

      Exactly, at least now they’re admitting to the unjustified treatments inflicted upon the true minorities. Which clearly was okay with them til now.
      Lesson learned, now get back to education and leave the hatred in the past.
      Because if you haven’t heard…
      Never again! Never again!

  • Peter Storandt

    I sent a brief note to the provost, as follows:

    Dear Dr. Kotlikoff,

    I was taken aback by an article in the Sun regarding the formation of a white student group at Cornell (Aided by White Nationalist Groups, Union of White Cornell Students to Release Demands, Host March). When I attended the university (1961-65), there was no such organization, nor any need for one. I don’t recall seeing people of color on campus in any number.

    Today is different, of course. Our openness as a university devoted to excellence has made us home to a phenomenal array of talent from all over, including previously unheard of, let alone underrepresented, communities. This is cause for celebration, for as the nation and the world develop new understandings, Cornell is in a position to provide substance and leadership in scores of fields and disciplines.

    Ironically, our founding president was named Andrew D. White. He and Ezra Cornell were devoted to the idea of providing education in any field to any seeker. Their world was small and white-male oriented; ours is not, and we are the better for the breakthroughs we have witnessed.

    It is my hope that, particularly as we celebrate the life and brief leadership of Beth Garrett, Cornell will resist this backward-looking urge among a few current students. Cornell’s greatness lies in true equality for all who enroll, that their talents make take them far and wide.


    Peter C. Storandt, ’65

    • Black Appreciater

      Beautifully and eloquently said

  • Anonymous Donor

    I will be discontinuing all contributions to the university’s endowment if outside involvement of white supremacist groups persists or if there is a single act of violence perpetrated as a result of the existence of the Union of White Cornell Students.

    As a white businessman, I continue to see discrimination against racial minorities in all areas of the business world. As Economics majors will tell you, resources are limited. It should come as no surprise that people of color who work as hard as their white counterparts expect the same opportunity as those who are born white. I prefer the term “underprivileged” for people of color over “privileged” for the white community. Telling people they are “privileged” is going to turn off audiences who would otherwise be receptive to learning about the struggle and doing something about it.

    • Dana

      If they would be turned off by being told the truth, they were never allies to start with. Basing a political movement on pretty lies is building a house on sand. And “underprivileged” is a meaningless word. NO ONE should be privileged. Respected, yes, Helped when they need it, yes. Allowed to start a two-mile footrace at the one-mile point and handed a bicycle to finish? No.

    • Insight

      Yeah, I’ve been in the business/financial world for quite some time; the deck is definitely stacked against whites, particularly white males. Same hold true in academics whether as a student seeking admission or professor. It doesn’t take much to view the evidence…go to corporate career sites or view university literature.

      • Is this real life?

        Wait, What? Stacked against whites how?

  • Beautiful Black Woman, Mother of the Earth, Queen of the Universe

    If you believe so strongly in your ideologies, you should be more than willing and proud to stand up for them and let it be known. Hiding your identities makes you 1) cowards, and 2) let’s everyone else know that you know you’re wrong. Throughout history ACTUAL marginalized groups have indeed fought and died for standing up for their rights and beliefs. They didn’t cower in fear knowing that they were literally facing impending death. They did it anyway because they had to for their survival. (Let’s just use Black Americans and even some white Americans marching, being beaten, and enduring dogs and fire hoses during the Civil Rights Movement). That is what real passion looks like, and that is what it looks like when people fight for what they believe in. Not sitting behind a computer with their Facebook fingers.

    Regardless of what you argue, any intelligent person knows what it really means. So whether you reveal yourselves or not,we know what is going on. But if you’re gonna be hateful, at least believe in that hate enough to be honest about it.

    • Jose

      Actually, history is replete with examples of authors and activists hiding their identities for good causes (I’ll say what I think about this cause in a moment). Many groups at the beginning of the fight for American independence concealed their identities. Jews hid in the Holocaust. Of course, many do fight out in the open for their causes, but we shouldn’t shame people who hide. Especially in a case like this, it is obvious to all that if someone publicly stated his or her membership in a White Students Club that he or she would face incredible torment on campus and probably nationally. Of course they fear for their safety. Even being a Rubio or Kasich supporter alienates most of campus.

      Now to the content. Looking at the idea of a white student union in general, it seems strange that we vilify it while praising something like a black student union. At worst, we should probably call it unnecessary, but people tend to automatically assume that any “white pride” is the same as “white supremacist”. However, the students here seem to be tending a little too much towards the latter. Instead of calling for removing BSU, they should stick to the issues. Cornell Plantations should stay. That was absurd to demand changing its name. So is the social justice education requirement. But isn’t silencing other groups just condoning what will ultimately be done to you? I have to wonder if this “group” is just a strawman plant, just like one wonders if there’s a chance Trump was planted by Hillary. There are legitimate reasons to have a club and to push back against the absurd things BSU pushes (but not against the reasonable ones that actually promote truth and equality).

      • Peter

        okay, I will keep this reply simple by just pointing out a very basic point that you should know White Pride is a chant championed by white supremacist groups. it is absolutely, factually, unequivocally, NOT some benign way of describing a way to be proud of one’s club. it is intentionally racially charged and used by white hate groups.
        And, it isn’t so ‘ludicrous’ to change the name of Cornell Plantations. Plantations were the agriculture factory of slavery in America.

        • Jose

          Saying that anyone who has white pride must also be a white supremacist is very faulty logic. That is like saying that Bernie Sanders supporters really support mass killings because democratic socialism is actually communism.

          The Cornell Plantations have and have never had anything to do with slavery. Plantations means there are PLANTS. I find this one of Cornell’s best features, and attacking this of all things was insane. Again, just because slaves worked in agriculture doesn’t mean that we have to change names of things that are unrelated. Should we change the name of White Hall because most of the slaveholders were white?

          • paul

            Actually, “plantations” refers to commercial agriculture, not to a botanical gardens or “plants”. So, the name is erroneous, regardless of any issues about color or slavery.

          • Jose

            Paul: Cornell Plantations, like Cornell itself, was founded with one of its goals being the education of agriculture for commercial purposes, like you say. Though its name is not necessarily erroneous. Even though it is less often used in that context these days, when Cornell was founded plantation was used to refer to something that has been planted, just as “installation” says something has been installed. It does not have to be commercial. In fact the first definition in the dictionary was “The act or practice of planting, or setting in the earth for growth.” Clearly that is reasonable description of what happens at Cornell Plantations.

        • Insight

          and Black Pride? Such silly dribble.

      • Dana

        Whiteness is a system of racist supremacy that not only oppresses people of color but has also eradicated ethnic differences between different light-skinned groups. Under American white supremacy I am expected to be an English-speaker and a Christian, usually a Protestant. I am primarily of Cajun and French extraction, my people legally spoke French as a first language in this country until the early 1900s, and most of my family’s Catholic–and Christianity wasn’t an indigenous religion to white people, it was introduced. I’m not going to be proud of something that wiped out what was supposed to be my identity (and Cajun people got along much better with natives and sometimes blacks than did either the English or the Spanish!) and forces me to conform to a foreign people.

        The only reason “black” is a thing is because the people claiming that identity often can’t trace their family trees past slavery. They can’t say “I’m Maasai” or “I’m Yoruban” or whatever, because their pasts were erased. So they have to view being African-American as their ethnicity, they really have no other choice.

        We have choices though. We can choose not to let homogenization fanatics speak for us. We all have rich family histories that got us to where we are today. All political whiteness did–and whiteness is only ever political–is give us unfair advantages and make other people justifiably resent us. NO white supremacist or white pride group can ever advocate for us. All they want is for us to repeat our mistakes. I will not stand for it.

      • che

        Why is a social justice education requirement absurd? That’s a serious question.

        Personally, I think it’s absurd that students graduate an institution of higher learning without having studied the dynamics of power, oppression, and hierarchy, and without any academic investigation of how identifiers such as race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability, etc are used to stratify society. If universities are meant to be sending students forth into the world, with some understanding of the world, it seems like these social constructions and relationships are a hell of a lot more important to navigating the world than mid-19th century literature. I mean, how critical race theory isn’t already a part of social sciences and psych, I have no idea.

        But I do know that a student proudly gripping a Cornell diploma in their hand with no academic understanding of the sociology of racism in America is a student that is woefully unprepared to set foot in the real world.

        • Timothy

          What BS am I reading here? How many credits do you think students are supposed to TAKE? I think it’s absurd that people graduate college not understanding how the stock market works, given that their retirement livelihood depends on it. I think it’s absurd that people graduate without an understanding of astrophysics and the universe we exist in. Not only are you saying students should HAVE to take sociology, but they should have to take sociology of RACISM. What a highly specific, ridiculous requirement. Maybe in a world that requires 500 credit hours, and that’s about it.

          • Is this real life?

            You are inadequately built for the 21st century if you do not understand systemic rascim in America. Lack of knowledge of the topic will keep you from making the best decisions – economic* political* social* because you will be unaware of a basic underlaying structure that the country – the economy – was built on. Not wanting to learn about racism comes from a sense of privilege in itself

        • Non-Fascist

          And I think it’s absurd that people graduate from college without a solid handle on classical physics, how computers work, how to do basic computer maintenance such as disk error checking and OS installation, the basic concepts of group theory, what the implications of linear in/dependence are, enough chemistry and human biology to understand their medical needs, how to intelligently invest for retirement, how a balance sheet works, how to understand and appreciate art, have an appreciation for more than one or two genres of music, how stuff around your house works, how cars work, how to do basic car repairs, how to eat healthy without spending a lot of time or money, or how to exercise in a manner that’s actually effective instead of just tiring, fun, or trendy.

          Look, you and I have few if any serious interests in common. As much as I’d love it if everybody did the things I like, I respect your choice to live your life as you see fit. I, along with many many others, consider your areas of study to be utter pseudointellectual bullshit, a blind pure ideology divorced from reality. So why don’t you respect the decisions of others and stop trying to thrust your curricular goals upon the rest of us.

      • Katie

        First, this response is surprising. War & victims of warring factions are not the same as a student group Jews were fighting not to killed. These people are claiming to be afraid of a threat that is only a product of their fear is being a coward and in no way should they be compared to people who survived being stripped of their rights, being forced to relocate, being subject to every violation of basic human right, when faced with mass murder hides to fight & to survive. Also, she is right. When death threats came against black groups on many campuses in the 60’s to the 80’s they did not hide. They were also actually subjected to violence.
        Secondly, the White student Union vilify themselves. Think about it. You say White Pride but how is it white pride if formed on the bases of ‘combating’ the BSU demands. You are completely ignoring their own behavior to project on anyone that may be against the White Student Union. You paint people as hypocrites for associating the group with White Supremacists when they chose a White ‘Nationalist’ to speak on their behalf. Sorry but clearly you decided which information you were going to process on the matter.

  • DP

    Expel the cowardly little bastards. Every last one of them.

    • Insight

      Ahem, right. Typical.

    • Betsy Heckman

      Hahahahahahaha…you mean the students who PAY for their education and don’t get funded through MY tax dollars?

  • Reality Check

    This story includes no direct evidence that the anonymous pair of individuals on the call are actually current Cornell students. Does The Sun have unpublished evidence verifying their status as students?

    • Is this real life?

      The fact that it exists will inspire followers regardless of if there’s a leader***

  • Anastasie

    Can someone tell me what’s so wrong with being treated like a minority?

    • Alum’15

      Well, people deny you your basic human rights. You can’t get equal access to housing, employment, or medical care.

      • leo_frank

        I know right! Maybe we should try to enact a law that would give minorities preferential treatment in those areas. I don’t know, maybe call it “affirmative action” or something similar. That way we could make sure minorities are given preferential treatment over the majority.

        What do you think?

        • Is this real life?

          I hope this is a joke….

      • Insight

        doesn’t seem to be the case in the US.

  • Mary Davis

    This echoes back to the 1969 Willard Straight takeover, and all the issues that led to this event and the peaceful resolution of conflict. Change did come after this tumultuous time in Cornell’s 100 year history. The radical ideas Ezra Cornell and the first president Andrew Dickson White instituted in 1865 worked, and even survived the challenging times of the late 1960’s. There was consensus and compromise and building of programs to better fit the times.
    Hopefully, this will happen now. Sectarian conflict of any kind; religious, political, racial is not what the founders wanted for the “experiment” of Cornell University where “anyone can find instruction in any study.” It is sound to pay attention to our history.

  • Eljefe

    Getting trolled so hard. Sloppy article.

  • Lish
    Also, look at their page… they alternately support Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. They also call their commenters things like “literally Hitler.” The evidence says you’re being trolled.
    If you can’t verify their identities as Cornell Students, you shouldn’t have run this piece, and given that this is a known prank occurring at other schools, you should have been even more incredulous.

    • Anonymous

      Good work, Lish. I was writing up my much longer post (see below) and did not see your post until just now. Weev is a well known hacker and internet troll. I’m kind of surprised no one has heard of him.

      • Is this real life?

        Should be treated as a real issue – if a hoax – NOT FUNNY – should not be tolerated, if you read the above comments you will notice that there are people who actually support groups like this which says enough..

        • Betsy Heckman

          If YOU support the terrorist organization, BLM, then you have NO room to call out a White organization…SAME thing

  • Buenas!! estuve investigando durante unas 3 horas en la red de internet esta manyana y no vi nada tan genial como tu
    escrito. Me ha impresionado mucho la forma que gastas al escribir supongo que es lo que me ha llegado.
    Personalmente, si un porcentaje alto los propietarios de webs crearan tan buenos contenidos,
    Internet seria mucho mas practico. Espero que
    sigas asi y continue viendo textos de la calidad de este.

    • leo_frank

      We speak English here muchacho.

  • Anonymous

    This has all the earmarks of being an elaborate hoax or social experiment. First, there is this.

    “The students also said that the group originally tried to work with student organizations to organize a speaker series, claiming that they have previously and unsuccessfully attempted to convince the International Students Union to sponsor journalist Milo Yiannopolous.

    ISU has refuted this claim, saying that the members of their executive board have not had any contact with the Union of White Cornell Students”

    Then there is the fact that the only one identified associated with this movement is Weev. Weev is a hacker extraordinaire and a well-known internet troll. Trolls often say or do outrageous things just to watch how people react (or overreact) for no reason other than for the lulz. (laughs). It is hard to know, when dealing with a known troll, if he is serious about any of things he says or if he’s just pushing people’s buttons just to stir things up so he can watch mayhem ensue.

    Weev does indeed at least pretend to be a White racist online. But a Slate article entitled “Famous Troll Targets Activists With White-Supremacist Promoted Tweets” suggests that MAYBE, MAYBE this is all an act and he is just stirring things up for laughs. Here is an excerpt from the article by Jacob Brogan

    “Twitter has an advertising problem, but despite disappointing quarterly earnings reports and frustrated investors, it’s not what you might think. Earlier this week, a handful of users were confronted with a tweet proclaiming that “Whites need to stand up for one another and defend ourselves from violence and discrimination.” It might have been possible to dismiss this message—to treat it as a mere product of Twitter’s culture of offense, to block the user, to move on—were this not a promoted tweet. Someone had paid to ensure that this message would show up in users’ feeds. And that meant Twitter was making money from its presence.

    Making money, sure, but not much money, as it turned out. The offending tweet was the brainchild of self-proclaimed hacker Andrew Auernheimer, who goes by the nom de troll “weev.” As he explains in a Storify post, Auernheimer realized that it was possible to promote tweets to specific groups of users. By way of example, he notes, “You can … choose to display ads to followers of specific users, like @Jezebel or @feministing.” This system is designed to help advertisers precisely target their campaigns at those most likely to respond to their messages. In Auernheimer’s case, this meant aiming at individuals most likely to be offended by his “lulzy” “white survival” message.

    The other two anonymous people in contact with the Sun claim they are students, but we have seen no proof of this. They could just as easily be outside agitators.

    And then there is the challenge that all these White Nationalists students will face (that is, if they exist) when executing their plans for a march. How will they march when they are so obsessed with maintaining their anonymity? If they march without masks on then they are likely to be recognized and will lose their anonymity. If they wear masks, then how will they prove they are students and not outside agitators? Unless they PROVE they are students then no one will pay attention to their demands. (And even if they do prove they are students, it is questionable if anyone will take their demands seriously). Moreover, Cornell Police will have every right to demand to see their IDs. If they don’t present their IDs they can be kicked off campus. Perhaps they will prove to Cornell Police that they are students, but that will require them to trust that Police will not leak their information to the public. Perhaps there are laws that would prevent the police from leaking that information, but I’m not an expert in this area.

    However, even if there ARE such laws to prevent such a leak, what is to prevent the police from writing up a report naming the students behind the masks? And what is to prevent a rogue officer from posting the report anonymously on the internet? What is to prevent the police from claiming they had nothing to do with it and that their computers were hacked? Now, I think this scenario is HIGHLY unlikely. I think the Cornell Police have far more integrity than that. But I could be wrong. Will those who want to remain anonymous be willing to take that risk?

    I suggest that people not get too worked up about this and treat this as nothing more than a hoax or social experiment until there is hard evidence otherwise. Or, as the famous internet saying goes, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

    • Mark Cook

      “How will they march when they are so obsessed with maintaining their anonymity?”

      Dress up in bedsheets?

  • Awesome! Its really amazing piece of writing, I have got
    much clear idea on the topic of from this post.

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  • Ron Jacobs

    If true…What pathetic little people.

    • ^— Hypocrite —^

      Yes, same for every other race/ethnicity/gender/sexuality/religion/ on campus!

  • Roxanne Chester

    This might be the best real time trolling I’ve ever seen. Impressive my friends. And look at the comments. People just cannot get past their bigotry and self-absorption long enough to realize they are being played.

  • Mandy

    Wow. Just wow. Is this what the Sun thinks “journalism” is? If you all had done three seconds worth of Googling before going straight for the provocative headline grab, you would have realized that this is almost certainly fake: Learn the basic tenets of reporting before you write nonsense and put it in a newspaper, please.

  • Omar

    While students’ identities in the Black Students group are open and a matter of record, I find it very instructive that the students in the White Students group need to keep their identities masked for fear of violence and retribution from blacks and other “tolerant, inclusive” Liberals who have been brainwashed with a sense of misplaced white guilt. So much for tolerance and inclusiveness from those who demand it of others yet never require it from themselves.

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  • EzraTank

    I find it funny that either of these “groups” makes DEMANDS. How about you make requests instead.

    I think both groups are full of privileged hate whether it be veiled or not.

  • John Randall

    What will they demand? A country club? Country club membership? Horses and riding clothes? A yacht? Elevators for their cars? Prep school diplomas? A wardrobe of tuxedos? Corporate nepotism so that they don’t have to work their way up? A Lear jet? Daily pedicures? A maid, butler, valet, groomsman, and/or groom of the stool? A penthouse? A limo? Free Audi leasing? Condos on all four coasts?

  • William St. Louis

    I doubt these racists even admit that Africans built the pyramids and that we was kings of the biggest civilization while they was still living in caves.

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  • Anon A

    This sounds like they’re just making fun of the demands made by the black lives matters group on campus

  • Anonymous

    Since they are afraid to reveal themselves; how do they plan to march — in and under white sheets?