March 22, 2016

Stand up Comedians Dave Coulier and Hannibal Buress to Perform at Cornell

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Correction appended

Stand up comedians Dave Coulier and Hannibal Buress will perform at Cornell in April and May respectively, according to a Cornell University Program Board press release.

Coulier — who played Uncle Joey on the ’90’s sitcom Full House,  which was recently reprised on Netflix as Fuller House — is scheduled to perform in Statler Auditorium April 20, the release said.

Cornell University Program Board Selections Chair Maria Mu ’18 said she hopes attendees will remember Coulier from childhood viewings of Full House.

“The nostalgia aspect of Full House will make this an appealing show to the college-age crowd who grew up with it,” Mu said.

However, Coulier’s stand up performance — which has been featured on The Tonight Show, Detroit Comedy Jam and Comic Relief — will be drastically different from his work in Full House, according to Mu.

“We are very excited that we can bring one of the original cast members and showcase him doing stand up, which people might not know he had in his repertoire,” she said.



Buress has acted in Broad City and The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim and will visit Cornell on May 6, according to Gabe Diamond ’18, CUPB executive chairperson.

Diamond said Buress was previously scheduled to perform at Cornell in November of 2014, but canceled and was replaced by comedian John Mulaney.

“The Cornell population’s interest in seeing Hannibal perform has only grown since he was scheduled to appear in the fall of 2014,” Diamond said.

Buress’s third standup special, Comedy Camisado, is currently streaming on Netflix, and he recently appeared in the movie Daddy’s Home and voiced characters in upcoming animated films The Secret Life of Pets and Angry Birds, the release said.

Correction: A previous version of this story identified Maria Chak ’18 as the Cornell University Program Board Selections Chair. In fact, Maria Mu ’18 is.