April 10, 2016

Cornell Sexual Assault Awareness Week Begins

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Student organizations will collaborate with campus life staff to organize the second annual Sexual Assault Awareness Week this week.

Kendall Grant, one of the student organizers of SAAW, said she hopes the events will give people “greater knowledge, awareness and empathy,” according to a University press release.

Grant said the events build each day “to address the campus climate, who’s at risk, any gaps in current policies and how we can create a better, safer environment,” the University said.

The first event on Monday will be a keynote address by Kate Harding, author of “Asking for it: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture — and What we Can Do About It.” Her book addresses the myth that women who were raped “asked for it” and the pervasiveness of rape in American culture, according to the University.

Events scheduled for the week include an “Art for Awareness Performance Showcase” on Tuesday, a discussion of sexual assault in the LGBT community and a screening of “It Happened Here” — a documentary film by Emmy Award winner Lisa F. Jackson about sexual assault cases from Amherst College, Vanderbilt University and the University of Connecticut, according to the SAAW website.

  • Blumhilde von Chaff

    Awareness requires only a week. But rapes go on year round at Cornell. Well done you dmbfcks.

    • While this week of programming and educational events is merely marketed as one week of Sexual Assault Awareness, it is timed with Sexual Assault Awareness Month to bring technical and deeper conversations to all pockets of student life here at Cornell. These efforts are coupled with the ongoing work of students, faculty, and administrators to make our campus safer and to combat such an epidemic issue. The aim of this week is to advance this work as we move forward on policy changes, grassroot efforts, and cultural improvements.

    • why all the hate

      Because having a specific week of events definitely means nothing is done the rest of the year…. Maybe if you are unhappy with the effort you could try encouraging those that are doing something and lending a helping hand to expand the efforts going forward rather than just insulting those that are making an effort.