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Kristina Camille sings "The Boy From Ipanema."

April 19, 2016

ITHACA A-LIVE | Late Night Lodge

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This past Friday night, Fanclub Collective presented four acts ranging from experimental pop to Jazz. Syracuse based Geometry House, Ithaca native Kristina Camille, LA’s Novelty Daughter, and Boston local Sangama graced us with their presence in the basement of Cayuga Lodge. The show rolled on past midnight, with each act offering originality and a new energy that kept the crowd enthusiastic and enthralled. Friday night was the night of strong vocalists, with each act fronted by a dynamic and original singer.

Geometry House 

Starting the night off on a tranquil indie-experimental note, Geometry House, self proclaimed as “a boy who lives in an attic and a girl who studies plants,” brought us lo-fi beats and resonant vocals in a set of experimental-electronic tracks that transitioned between a steady, forward moving progression and staccato echoing vocals and drum beats. The duo, consisting of a bassist and singer playing a single, t-shirt covered drum, worked comfortably side by side, jamming and not taking themselves too seriously. Together the sleepy low-key undertones of their performance reminded me of the XX, but their experimental vocals and dynamic bass performance kept me  guessing. The set felt kind of like being pushed on a swing and gave the effect of rhythmic floating into the open air, breeze in your hair, until you fall back with an abrupt thud into the arms of the pusher.

Check out Geometry House on Soundcloud:

Novelty Daughter

Next up, Novelty Daughter’s pop-y R&B performance got the crowd bobbing up and down. The lead singer’s powerful vocals rocked the space, but the act was a bit unmemorable. That said, the energy in the basement was pleasant and they performed well. I enjoyed the dynamic combination of genre they brought into their performance, with their disco and jazzy vibes.  Novelty Daughter’s vocals rose above entrancing backbeats in a poppy set that got the crowd up and moving after Geometry House’s smooth and reverberant feels.

Check out Novelty Daughter on Soundcloud:

Kristina Camille

Involved in activism and volunteer work in the Ithaca area, Kristina Camille has a passion for outreach that carries over into her performance and is evident in the soulful depth of her voice. Camille played R&B mixes from her laptop and killed it on vocals with the voice of a kick-ass angel. Her range was phenomenal and the fervent energy she brought into the performance was palpable in the atmosphere of the basement. Camille shined as she individually sang about a range of topics, but in two tracks she asked the audience to participate. The first, was a song about the Columbine shootings. The chorus Camille asked the audience to join in singing “how many more of us will be slain.” Second, Kristina Camille requested that the audience think of a food and a human-rights issue, and after a round of ideas were shouted out, she proceeded to freestyle about bananas, spaghetti and Women’s rights. Camille kept the audience enthralled with her powerhouse voice and crowd interaction. Kristina Camille’s first album will be released on iTunes, Spotify, etc. on June 8th.

Check out Kristina Camille on Soundcloud:


Arriving just 15 minutes before their set, 8 piece jazz ensemble Sangama absolutely rocked the end of the show. Two saxophonists, a keyboard player, a trumpet player, vocalist, drummer, guitarist, and bassist, who all hail from Boston’s Berklee College of Music, riffed and jammed together between sips of beer and quick chats with the audience. There were no hips left unswayed or toes left untapped; the majority of the audience was dancing in what felt like a speakeasy revival. One of the ensemble’s saxophonists composed the entire set, which culminated in a perfectly and intentionally chaotic and high energy performance. The ensemble’s vocalist, another strong and expressive personality, put the cherry on top of the jazzy dessert. These accomplished musicians’ transitions between full ensemble involvement and solos or vocals were seamless. This performance was the first time I had seen a college aged jazz ensemble touring and playing for young adults, and it was a rare and exciting experience. The band crashed that night at the lodge and brought just as much youthful energy into their stay as they did in their performance.

Check out Sangama on Bandcamp:

Olivia is a junior studying film in the college of Arts and Sciences. She was born and raised in the teeny tiny fishing town of Soldotna, Alaska. When she’s not frolicking around outside, she can be found watching cartoons or drinking tea in her catbug onesie.