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April 25, 2016

CHOU| The Hype Over DOTS

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I hope reporting the departures of members from various K-pop groups doesn’t become a biweekly routine, but like 2NE1’s Minzy two weeks ago, B2ST’s Hyunseung has also decided to officially leave the boy band. I actually didn’t realize it beforehand, but after reading this article, it seems as if there is a seven-year curse going on as Minzy, Hyunseung and Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s departures as well as KARA’s disbandment all happened seven years after their debut. Maybe “lucky 7” is not so lucky after all.

But aside from news on Minzy and Hyunseung, these past few weeks – and even months – have been flooded with Allkpop articles and Facebook posts and Snapchat stories about Descendants of the Sun, or DOTS. (I couldn’t believe the acronym either when I first saw someone use it on Facebook.) Even my mom was telling me to watch it when I went home for Spring Break, and when I called her one night after bombing my Microeconomics prelim, she actually told me to just binge watch the drama over the weekend to destress!

I didn’t exactly binge watch, but I did finally start Descendants of the Sun last week, and while I do understand what the hype is all about, I also understand why some of my friends claim that they’ve watched better dramas before. I’m currently only on episode seven but from what I have watched and speculated so far, I think the main hype is simply over the male lead, Song Joong Ki. Some would say that he looks very feminine (spoiler: this is why the second female lead claims to not like Song Joong Ki’s character in the drama), but many others would say that he looks cute and even handsome. His character in the drama, Yoo Si Jin, is also really attractive because of how dedicated he is to his work and the amount of love he professes to Song Hye Kyo’s character Kang Mo Yeon. He isn’t afraid or shy to show that he likes her and does many small acts of kindness that I find really, really cute, like how he helped Kang Mo Yeon push the gurney to the emergency room without her ever knowing when she tells the nurses to push faster in episode 1 – you guys really have to watch this scene in order to understand my fangirling. And like all cliché romantic dramas, Descendants of the Sun is indeed about the love story of two people from clashing worlds, for Yoo Si Jin kills people as a soldier and captain of a South Korean Special Forces unit and Kang Mo Yeon saves people as a doctor and surgeon. There are many places to read the synopsis of this drama so I will forgo doing that this time and proceed to talking about the OSTs.

Even before I started watching Descendants of the Sun, I was already hooked onto EXO’s Chen and Punch’s duet Everytime (video with English subtitles here). This song does slightly remind me of EXO’s Chen’s Best Luck (video with English subtitles here) for It’s Okay, That’s Love, which is probably my all-time favorite drama, so maybe I was already a little biased in terms of my favorite OST. But really, all of Descendants of the Sun’s OSTs are really good, so I’m going to just link you guys to the video that has all of the songs and their titles in the description.

I guess the main point of this blog is to tell everyone that yes, I have finally jumped onto the bandwagon albeit a little late since Descendants of the Sun has already finished airing and much of the hype is already over, but to also say that I do acknowledge other people’s doubts on the hype overall. Don’t feel forced to like this drama if you’re currently watching it or am planning to in the future, but remember that if you do like it, you’re lucky because so many others agree with you.