April 27, 2016

Classes Cancelled After Rockefeller Power Outage

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Rockefeller Hall was closed for several hours on Tuesday after the building lost power due to a transformer failure, according to Rebecca Valli, Media Relations Specialist.

The closure was announced at 8 a.m. in an email sent to the Cornell community. Classes were initially canceled until 10 a.m., but later cancellations were extended until 4 p.m. No occupants were allowed in the building while it was closed, according to the University.

“For me and for my students, it was an unexpected and guilt-free vacation — but one that, like all vacations, we’ll have to pay for later,” said Prof. Robert Thorne, physics.

Matthew Lehman ’19 agreed, saying that one of his canceled classes has a test coming up later this week.

“It was really bad timing to have classes cancelled during prelim season,” he said.

Power was restored by 3:30 p.m. All classes after 4 and evening activities were held as scheduled, announced the University.