• Man with the Axe

    But you do understand what makes these people uneasy, don’t you?

    • yeah i get it tbh. white male adults in elementary schools and movie theaters get me SO spooked these days, u have no idea /:

      oh i know! they should be deported!

    • Arafat

      Sheesh, just because there is rarely a day that goes by when a Muslim terrorist does not attack innocents is no reason to be suspect of Muslims. I mean let’s get serious. Just because Muslim jihadists are committing genocide against the Christians of Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan; and just because Muslims recently did commit genocide against the Animists of Sudan is no reason to suspect Muslims of being a violent people.

      And just because Muslims gang-raped women in Cologne, and blew up cafes in Brussels, and kill polio vaccine workers in Nigeria, and blow-up UN aid compounds in Mali, and blow-up shopping centers in Kenya, and shoot beach going tourists in Algeria, and blow-up discos in Bali, and blow-up buses in London and train stations in Madrid, and fly planes into high-rises in NYC does not mean they are prone to violence.

      I mean let’s quit pretending what is real is real is all I am saying. Let’s buy into the PC lies that tell us Muslims are not prone to violence even thought they are. Do you understand this now?

  • Man with the Axe

    I might add, that the ever so slight slights that you mention are barely noticeable compared to what Jews face from Muslims in France.

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      • Curious

        Very interesting essay, thank you. I’m curious, Have you gotten the same reactions on campus on occasions when you don’t wear a hijab? I wonder whether some of the negativity could be due to anti-religious sentiment overall rather than anti-Muslim sentiment. Do Jews and Christians who wear their religious articles on campus encounter similar reactions?

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      • Man with the Axe

        I understand that. But like much of the feelings that American university students have these days, they would benefit from some comparison to what else goes on in society and in the world, and what has gone on in history. One’s expectations about how one ought to be treated color the feelings one has about the actual treatment she receives. So when a student complains that conservatives are speaking on campus, or that a fraternity is having a taco and margarita party, it is necessary to have a sense of proportion about how the rest of the world is.

        When you say, “We have to acknowledge that there is a problem with the way Muslims are treated,” even if you are 100% accurate in your description of how Muslims are treated, the question still remains whether that is worth complaining about.

        I raise the way others are treated as a comparison. Chasidic Jews (outside of Brooklyn) get the same looks because of their strange garb. Whites in an all-black neighborhood often get the same cursory and unfriendly treatment from black store clerks (I speak from personal experience). And as I said, in France, and increasingly elsewhere (Sweden, Netherlands, the UK) Jews are advised to avoid wearing any indicia of their religion, such as skull caps, if they want to avoid beaten beaten or stabbed.

        Such comparisons are important to put your own feelings of being mistreated into perspective.

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    • Arafat

      Or here for that matter, but don’t bother Faiz with the facts, OK?

      A detailed analysis of FBI statistics covering ten full calendar years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks reveals that, on a per capita basis, American Muslims, contrary to spin, have been subjected to hate crimes less often than other prominent minorities. From 2002 to 2011, Muslims are estimated to have suffered hate crimes at a frequency of 6.0 incidents per 100,000 per year – 10 percent lower than blacks (6.7), 48 percent lower than homosexuals and bisexuals (11.5), and 59 percent lower than Jews (14.8). Americans should keep these numbers in mind whenever Islamists attempt to silence critics by invoking Muslim victimhood.

      No class of hate crimes has seen more fluctuation than anti-Muslim ones. The norm was a few dozen incidents per year in the late 1990s, but the number jumped from 28 in 2000 to 481 in 2001, a spike attributed to post-9/11 backlash. However, it dropped to 155 in 2002 and held remarkably steady through 2006, before falling again to 115 in 2007, 105 in 2008, and 107 in 2009.

      As hinted above, the dark portrait of America as a nation of violent bigots uniquely hostile to Muslims does not withstand quantitative scrutiny. To smooth out year-to-year variations, consider the past decade (2002–11) of FBI-recorded hate crimes. There were 1,388 incidents against Muslims during this span, compared with 25,130 against blacks; 12,030 against homosexuals and bisexuals; 9,198 against Jews; and 5,057 against Hispanics. Even majority whites endured 7,185 incidents, while Christians (Protestants and Catholics combined) were targeted in 1,126 incidents.

  • George

    Suppose a gang was terrorizing a town. The gang was identifiable because of the hats they wore. Suppose you a not a member of the gang but you wear the same hat. Would you be surprised if people viewed you with suspicion and hostility?

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      • George

        Don’t flatter yourself Faiza. You don’t merit it.

      • Man with the Axe

        Did you do the math? Using your numbers, there are 32 million radicalized Muslims. If there are 3.3 million Muslims in the US, that means there are 66,000 radicalized Muslims in the US, more than 1,000 per state. In New York, with a big population (about 20 million) that means more than 4,000 radicalized Muslims. If there is a room with 100 Muslims in it, 2 of them are on average, radicalized.

        If it is true that white extremists have killed twice as many people as Muslims (since but not counting 9/11/2001) that means that Muslims commit about 1/3 of all terror killings, or about 16 times more than their portion of the population.

        It’s absurd to count since 1980, as the number of Muslims in the population was quite small in those days. Still, it wasn’t for lack of trying that Muslims didn’t commit many more terror murders than anyone else. Remember the first World Trade Center attack? It was only their own incompetence that the buildings didn’t come down in 1993.

        Also, we shouldn’t forget all the plots by Muslims that were foiled. The number of deaths associated with Muslim terror is only as low as it is because people are paying attention to Muslims.

      • Arafat

        Faiza is pulling the old 2% extremist Muslim out of her magic hat. Here is the truth about what % of Muslims are extremist.

        World Public Opinion: 83% of Egyptians approve of attacks on American troops.
        26% of Indonesians approve of attacks on American troops.
        26% of Pakistanis approve of attacks on American troops.
        68% of Moroccans approve of attacks on American troops.
        90% of Palestinians approve of attacks on American troops.
        72% of Jordanians approve of attacks on American troops.
        52% of Turks approve of some or most groups that attack Americans (39% oppose)
        A minority of Muslims disagreed entirely with terror attacks on American troops.
        About half of those opposed to attacking Americans were sympathetic with al-Qaeda’s attitude toward the U.S.


        World Public Opinion: Majorities in Egypt (63%) and Libya (61%) supported the 9/11/2012 attacks against American embassies, including Benghazi.

        Pew Research (2013): Only 57% of Muslims worldwide disapprove of al-Qaeda. Only 51% disapprove of the Taliban. 13% support both groups and 1 in 4 refuse to say.

        Pew Research (2014): 47% of Bangladeshi Muslims says suicide bombings and violence are justified to “defend Islam”. 1 in 4 believed the same in Tanzania and Egypt. 1 in 5 Muslims in the ‘moderate’ countries of Turkey and Malaysia.

      • Arafat

        The Game:

        Bringing other religions down to the level of Islam is a favorite tactic of apologists confronted with the spectacle of Islamic violence. Remember Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber? How about Anders Breivik, the Norwegian killer? Why pick on Islam if other religions have the same problems?

        The Truth:

        Because they don’t.

        Regardless of what his birth certificate may or may not have said, Timothy McVeigh was not a religious man (in fact, he stated explicitly that he was agnostic and that “science” was his religion). At no time did he credit his deeds to religion, quote Bible verses, or claim that he killed for Jesus. His motives are very well documented through interviews and research. God is never mentioned.

        The so-called “members of other faiths” alluded to by Muslims are nearly always just nominal members who have no active involvement. They are neither inspired by, nor do they credit religion as Muslim terrorists do – and this is what makes it a very different matter.

        Islam is associated with Islamic terrorism because that is the association that the terrorists themselves choose to make.

        Muslims who compare crime committed by people who happen to be nominal members of other religions to religious terror committed explicitly in the name of Islam are comparing apples to oranges.

        Yes, some of the abortion clinic bombers were religious, but consider the scope of the problem. There have been six deadly attacks over a 36 year period in the U.S. Eight people died. This is an average of one death every 4.5 years.

        By contrast, Islamic terrorists staged nearly ten thousand deadly attacks in just the six years following September 11th, 2001. If one goes back to 1971, when Muslim armies in Bangladesh began the mass slaughter of Hindus, through the years of Jihad in the Sudan, Kashmir and Algeria, and the present-day Sunni-Shia violence in Iraq, the number of innocents killed in the name of Islam probably exceeds five million over this same period.

        Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 innocents in a lone rampage on July 22nd, 2011, was originally misidentified as a “Christian fundamentalist” by the police. In fact, the killings were later determined to be politically motivated. He also left behind a detailed 1500 page manifesto in which he stated that he is not religious, does not know if God exists, and prefers a secular state to a theocracy. Needless to say, he does not quote any Bible verses in support of his killing spree, nor did he shout “praise the Lord” as he picked people off.

        In the last ten years, there have been perhaps a dozen or so religiously-inspired killings by people of all other faiths combined. When such a small handful or loners act in isolation, it can legitimately be chalked up to mental illness or (at best) genuine misunderstanding.

        By contrast, Islamic terror is organized and methodical. Islamist groups span the globe with tens of thousands of dedicated members, despite intensely targeted counter-measures, and supporters numbering in the tens of millions. They are open about their religious goals and they kill in the name of god each and every day of the year. Verses in their holy texts arguably support them. There are none who will even debate them.

        No other religion is doing this. So while some Muslims may pretend that other religions are just as prone to “misinterpretation” as is their “perfect” one, reality says otherwise.

  • jojobean

    arafat youre a moron if you think people are gonna read all that get a life