May 9, 2016

Cornell Dean of Faculty Honors Retiring Faculty Members

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The Office of the Dean of Faculty honored approximately 40 retiring Cornell faculty members at a reception last Thursday at the A.D White House.

The retirees — including professors, researchers and librarians — were recognized for their dedication to teaching, research, and the overall Cornell community, the University said.

Retiring faculty recounted their Cornell experiences at the ceremony.

Prof. Emeritus Bob Swieringa, the dean emeritus of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, said he believes Cornell is “an empowering environment that really allows people to blossom.”

“And when that happens to you, you’re forever grateful,” Swieringa said at the reception.

“We are planning our first annual social hour for retired faculty in June to increase the social connections.” — Prof. Emeritus Ann Lemley

Prof. Emeritus George Hudler, plant science — who previously taught Cornell’s Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds class — said he appreciated the opportunity to teach the course, which initially did not satisfy distribution requirements and students took purely due to interest, according to the University.

“I hope we never lose sight of that celebration of inquiry,” Hudler said at the event. “Whether it meets a requirement or not, I hope we always give our undergraduate students that little bit of elbow room to just do something different.”

The reception also highlighted the efforts of the Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti, which connects retired faculty to the Cornell community and campus traditions through lecture series, luncheons and volunteering programs, according to the organization’s website.

CAPE’s initiatives include volunteering for activities such as freshman move-in day, work at the plantations, the Johnson Museum of Art and the Paleontological Research Institution, according to Prof. Emeritus Ann Lemley, fiber science and apparel design.

In addition to staying involved on campus, retired faculty are encouraged to stay connected with each other, Lemley said.

“We are planning our first annual social hour for retired faculty in June to increase the social connections,” she said.