May 11, 2016

Threats to University Are ‘Over,’ Cornell Police Say

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Cornell police confirmed Wednesday morning that they believe “unsubstantiated threats” against the University are no longer a danger, according to an email from Police Chief Kathy Zoner.

“We have had no reported incidents related to those threats and believe that the threat is over,” the email reassured students.

Although investigations are ongoing, CUPD has not received reports of any related incidents, Zoner said.

“I encourage you to maintain your increased vigilance as we, the Cornell Police, continue to investigate with our local and federal partners,” she said in the email.

On Monday, Zoner said the threats to the University had been made by an unknown individual who did not specify a motive or location, but made “clear reference to causing harm.”

Police presence on campus will remain at an increased level until after Thursday, to ensure safety on Slope Day, Zoner said.