May 20, 2016


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MARINA WATTS: Watch Me if You Can


Marina Caitlin Watts is a senior studying Communication. In addition to writing for The Sun, she has also been published on various film websites along with The Daily Beast. She loves Frank Sinatra and hates decaf coffee. If you need her, she is waiting for Godot.

Of the many wonderful things about Cornell, I love the people the most. Even when things get stressful, being surrounded by some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met is comforting. Like the passionate people in my life, passion-driven characters in films are what I love the most about the movies. They especially make writing about such a challenge but the most rewarding kind. Explaining why I love writing, though, is like explaining why you’re in love. I can’t think of anything but I can think of everything at the same time.

The article below is one of my favorites because I’ve always been passionate about older films. You also know someone is well-cultured with a good sense of humor if they’ve heard of the Marx Brothers.

WATCH ME IF YOU CAN | Why the Marx Brothers Worked



We share a major, we share a house, we share clothes. So why not share a column? Eleni Toubanos and Greta Ohaus are both Fiber Science & Apparel Design majors in the College of Human Ecology. Their column is intended to be a conversation between their two unique perspectives as a designer and fiber scientist. They can be found lounging around campus, on their porch sharing a bottle of wine.

Final Article 2016

TALK IS CHIC | One Day You’re in and the Next Day You’re Out

ET: I spent my first two years of my college career trying to get my less glamorous distribution requirements out of the way. After taking a creative writing class my junior year, I remembered that I have a creative side and made more of an effort to utilize it. I like to write because it makes me really ponder everyday experiences, such as getting dressed, that have contributed to my overall Cornell experience. Greta, you’re an important part of my daily routine here at Cornell as well as a major inspiration. I spent all four of these “formative” years being a weirdo with you. As we prepare for our mutually uncertain futures, I’m glad we have our articles as records of genuine fashion-fueled friendship.

GO: Glad you also said friendship, despite its cheesiness.  In the past four years I’ve had the best nights of my life and the worst weeks of my life.  Nothing about my life here is constant – seriously my emotional state is all over the place – except for a handful of best friends and you have been the most steady of them all.  Over all four years, as we’ve grown-up and changed so much, you have held my hand (both literally and figuratively). Friendship, followed quickly by fashion, are the ruling pillars in my life.  Cornell has taught me about both, and when we started writing this blog together Cornell gave me a space to explore both.

ET: Adventure is in your closet was fun to write –  Greta and I could not stop laughing at CTB at 7 in the morning. I don’t know why we were so dysfunctional but we were exceptionally witty. As one of our earlier articles, it set the tone for an adventurous senior year as a dynamic duo. I’ll always think of Greta when I get dressed in the morning.

TALK IS CHIC | Adventure is in Your Closet

GO: Yeah I loved that article, especially because it is honestly an example of conversation we have almost everyday. On the more serious end of the spectrum i really enjoyed our article Fashion for Thought.  It was right when we came back from spring break, and honestly I suffer separation anxiety so it was great to catch up.  Also I think it was big moment for both of us realizing how small our world is compared to the actual world, and to explore that from a fashion standpoint really resonated within me.

TALK IS CHIC | Fashion for Thought

MARY BURGETT: Mary’s Musings

Photo Courtesy of Mary Burgett

Mary is a senior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. On campus she is involved with the Every1 Campaign and is in a sorority.  She loves reading, watching The Office and Friends and geeking out about Disney and The Lord of the Rings. Olaf the snowman is her spirit animal.

Final Article 2016

MARY’S MUSINGS | Confidence

Thank you, Seniors!