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May 27, 2016

Cornell Police Arrest Ahmad Avery ’15 After Stalking Incident

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Ahmad J. Avery ’15 was arrested by the Cornell University Police Department today in connection with a stalking incident, according to a CUPD statement.

The female victim reported receiving unwanted communications and said her email account was tampered with. Cornell police say they have identified Avery as the perpetrator.

Avery, 22, was charged with one count each of unauthorized use of a computer — a Class A misdemeanor, computer tampering in the fourth degree — a Class A misdemeanor and stalking in the fourth degree — a class B misdemeanor, according to the statement.

Avery was arraigned on Wednesday in Ithaca City Court. He was released on his own recognizance and is set to appear again in court this July. The court also issued an order of protection for the victim, according to the statement.

Avery was a running back on the Cornell football team from 2013 to 2015, according to the University.

  • DB

    I think this article should be taken down. He hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, and it’s unfair to damage his name and reputation based on accusations, before anything solid has actually come out. For the rest of his life, is any potential employers do a google search of Ahmad’s name, this article will pop up? There’s nothing wrong with journalism and reporting stories, but there is something wrong when people are overly gung-ho to to publish accusations that can ruin a student’s life just for the sake of a story. I don’t see the alleged victim’s name in the article. This article seems more like guilty until proven innocent to me.

    • James

      Look at Wolfgang Ballinger, he made CNN GMA FOX.. Talk about media tarnishing names.

      • James

        Chu loves publishing accusations.. Too bad it won’t get her too far

        • A real journalist would herself above writing trash like this. He is innocent until the opposite is proven! Jeez. You’re ruining people’s lives…

  • Alum

    This guy got in trouble after cheating on a final exam for a friend. Not surprised that he’s yet again being deviant.

  • Concernedfemale

    Those are some pretty serious charges, they wouldn’t arrest him without reasonable cause. My concern is for the safety of the victim. Email and stalking, that is pretty scary!

  • Free Lance Journalist

    Ithaca Times reported that these charges ended up being dropped in July, as it was found that the woman was lying out of revenge. This article should be taken down, or at least updated. Shameful.