Michaela Brew / Sun Senior Editor

eHub, located on the second floor of Kennedy Hall, opened to student entrepreneurs June 4.

June 27, 2016

eHub Provides Space for Community, Collaboration to Cornell Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship at Cornell and Student Agencies Foundation, working in tandem with several Cornell colleges, has opened a 5,000 square foot workspace on campus for student entrepreneurs to collaborate and advance their ventures, according to Zach Shulman, director of Entrepreneurship at Cornell.

The workspace, located in Kennedy Hall, opened for student usage June 4, and a larger center will open at 409 College Avenue in August, Shulman said.

The Kennedy Hall location provides “collaboration space” for students, lecture space for entrepreneurship programs and various staff offices, according to the Entrepreneurship at Cornell website.

Shulman stressed the importance of eHub’s role as a place for student teams and mentors to work together.

“eHub provides dedicated space for students to form a large, but tight community of entrepreneurs and people interested in entrepreneurship,” he said. “Students can run their businesses from the Collegetown location. Student groups will hold events at eHub.”

The space’s openness and flexibility makes it “perfect for startups and entrepreneurs,” according to Beverly Wallenstein ’16, the founder of Girls Mean Business, a program based in eHub.

Entrepreneurship at Cornell Director Zach Shulman said he hopes eHub will become a "magnet" for student entrepreneurs.

Michaela Brew / Sun Senior Editor

Entrepreneurship at Cornell Director Zach Shulman said he hopes eHub will become a “magnet” for student entrepreneurs.

“All the furniture can move and be put into whatever design works for you or your group,” Wallenstein said. “Because it’s so open, it really fosters the team and startup environment. I also love the availability of the private conference rooms, and they are definitely a great space to meet with smaller groups or take a phone call.”

Kevin Guo ’19 — a summer intern at Life Changing Labs, which runs eHub’s summer incubator program — added that the space provides a “public stage” on Cornell’s campus for entrepreneurs.

“I think that just having such a space legitimizes the entrepreneurship program as something truly integral to the University,” Guo said. “Before eHub, LCL was in two rooms on the second floor of Kennedy, hidden away from everything else. Before that, the LCL summer incubator was [in Collegetown].”

Shulman said he hopes the construction of both eHub spaces — which will cost approximately $4.5 million and be funded through alumni donations — will provide “exciting” opportunities for Cornellians interested in entrepreneurship.

“eHub will be a magnet for alumni coming back to campus and for prospective students,” he predicted.

Stephanie Yan ’18 contributed reporting to this article.