August 4, 2016

Follow Cornellians Competing in Rio: A Guide to the Big Red in Brazil

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Five Cornell alumni and one undergraduate are in Rio de Janeiro, waiting to compete for gold in the summer Olympic games. Read more about their backgrounds and their successes while in Ithaca here.

The Sun will provide updates on all the contests these Cornellians athletes participate in over the course of the games.

Rudy Winkler ’17 will compete on August 17 in the qualification round for the hammer toss. The final will be held two day later.

Eisser '12

Courtesy Cornell Athletics

Eisser ’12

Bruno Hortelano-Roig ’14 competes on August 13 for the 100-meter dash preliminaries. The finals and semifinals will be held on the 14th. He also qualified for the 200m, which will have its preliminary round on August 16. The semifinals will take place on the 17th and the finals will be the following day.

Tracy Eisser ’12 will be competing in the quadruple sculls. Her first race is August 6, and, depending on her boat’s status following the first race, she could race again on the 8th and the 10th.

Alex Karwoski ’12 will be rowing in the coxed eight. His boat’s first race is on August 8, with possible other races on the 10th and the 13th.

Stephen Mozia ’15 competes in the qualifications round for shot put on August 18. If he makes it to the finals, he will throw again later that day.

Muhammad Halim ’08 will compete in the triple jump on August 15. The finals will be held the following day.