August 23, 2016

Cornell College of Business Members Promote School Unity

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Three task forces comprised of faculty from the three merged schools in the College of Business were formed over the summer to promote unity in the new school.

“Several task forces were set up to focus specifically on issues such as Career Services; Student Services; Alumni Affairs & Development; Diversity & Inclusion; Undergraduate Admissions; Centers & Institutes; and Mission Vision & Values,” said Rohit Verma, the college’s deputy dean designate of external relations.

These task forces are currently in the process of issuing reports on their respective areas. The reports will be presented as advice to the administrators of the college, according to Verma. Some have already completed their reports.

“The recommendations from task forces are brought forward to the CCB leadership team for further discussion prior to any final decision about implementation,” Verma said.

One of the purposes of these tasks forces was to forge connections between members of the three different schools.

“This inclusive and deliberately planned iterative process has engaged faculty and staff from all three schools,” Verma said. “Now that the students are back on campus, we hope to engage them in the process as well.”

The area coordinators of the College have also made a great deal of progress in creating cohesiveness between the schools, according to Prof. Glen Dowell, management, area coordinator.

“My role [as area coordinator] is to try to foster the development of an academic area that crosses the three schools, yet maintains the distinctiveness that the three have,” Dowell said. “I am bringing faculty together to share research interests, and learn how we can help each other get research and teaching done better.”

Dowell explained that despite his new duty as an area coordinator, he remains a professor first and foremost.

“I’m the bridge between faculty and administration — I liken it to a team captain in sports, where I help set the tone for the area and I liaise between the area faculty and various deans, but I’m still principally a faculty member, not an administrator,” Dowell said.

Area coordinators held meetings about future plans for CCB, according to Chris Barret, CCB Deputy Dean and Dean of Academic Affairs.

“Most of these discussions lay the foundation for advances to be seen over a period of years as the faculty evolve curriculum, open up new course offerings, align teaching and research interests, etc,” Barret said. “Many faculty are excited to be better connected to their colleagues in sister Schools and see opportunities for new teaching and research.”

The area coordinators and task forces will continue their work in the coming months.