Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire, 19, was fatally stabbed on Cornell's campus the morning of Aug. 28.

Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire, 19, was fatally stabbed on Cornell's campus the morning of Aug. 28.

August 28, 2016

Family Identifies Ithaca College Student Killed in Stabbing on Cornell’s Campus

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This story is developing. Please check back for more updates.

Family members have identified Anthony Nazaire, 19, as the Ithaca College student who was killed in a brawl on Cornell’s campus early Sunday morning.

Nazaire, who was studying business administration at Ithaca College, was one of two victims stabbed in a large brawl in front of Olin Hall. Both were taken to Cayuga Medical Center, where Nazaire was pronounced dead. The other victim — who has not yet been identified — was flown to Upstate Medical Center with less severe injuries.

Entering his sophomore year at Ithaca College, Nazaire had just returned from a summer spent working on Coney Island, his cousin Channelle Nazaire told The Ithaca Voice. The victim lived with his family in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.  He is survived by his parents and three younger siblings, The Voice reported.

The Ithaca Police Department said in a release Sunday that a homicide investigation is underway. “The Ithaca Police Department is leading a team of several local law enforcement agencies who are engaged in the investigation,” the department said.

Anyone who has information about the incident is urged to contact the police.

Any bystanders who have information about this incident are encouraged to contact The Sun at

University Resources: Members of the Cornell community seeking support can called Gannett Health Services’ Counseling and Psychological Services (607-255-5155), EARS peer counseling (607-255-3277), the Faculty Staff Assistance Program (607-255-2673), the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or find additional resources at

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  • mark3456

    It was black on black crime, so you can expect the media to flush this story down the memory hole ASAP.

    • Arthur Wang

      To be fair, no form of media will be neutral enough for a blatant racist who would make grand assumptions out of no actual evidence.

    • Arthur Wang

      That’s very original. Why don’t you throw some racial insult based on my last name too, just to show how low you can stoop? A kid died and you are here cracking jokes.

  • Cornell dad

    This is the 3-rd stabbing this year, what is Cornell doing about it?

  • B Thwaite


    I spent 1ens of thousands of dollars to send my kid to Ithaca College and in the very first week of school there is a homicide? REALLY, CORNELL?


    My kid wants to come home now. Who’s to say these “large fights” WHERE THEY STAB PEOPLE TO DEATH might not take place on his campus at IC? It’s tolerated at Cornell. Perhaps it’s tolerated by all the institutes of higher learning in the area. Why not? After all, fraternities are places where there are supposed to be large fights and murder.

    Oh wait…… NO…… THEY’RE…… NOT

    • Kelly B

      This is not something that occurs often. One incident does not dictate the overall safeness of these campuses in Ithaca. You obviously want to run the investigation. Let the police handle it until all facts are known.

      • Cornell dod

        Cornell ;; “tolerated” it. They lied about there is no such event and they didn’t provide security.
        Even their pres was shy to send email, gave the job to their VP – twice, Lombardi’s message was at best meek.

        • Jack D.

          It’s easier to blame based in hindsight. The incident occurred post event. The Cornell administration can only do so much after an event, especially for an event held by a fraternity during Orientation Week which is normally used to welcome students back from summer. I see no indication that the Cornell administration has lied. Also, Ryan Lombardi is the VP for Student and Campus Life. People holding such positions have always held the responsibility in the past (’90s–’00s) to communicate with the campus on safety and awareness. You are obviously angry. But ranting that “they” lied indicates a your lack of awareness on the responsibility that the Cornell administration must hold during an on-going investigation. Let the investigation continue.

  • Elle

    I am horrified by this and am so sad that one young man lost his life and another was hurt- Indon’t think there is a student in either campus that isn’t feeling upset about it and frightened by it. But let the police do their job, don’t rush to judgement or assumption,. And if you have info, share it with them.I, for one, need to know that nothing like this can happen at CU again. I am trying to understand what was going on and why one campus would sponsor an event for multiple schools in the first place -if that is actually what occurred. Wait for the facts to be revealed. Condolences to the family who lost their son.

  • MBorz

    As an alum, this is beginning to concern me. In the decade since I attended Cornell I have seen a growing number of issues (increased suicides, several deaths and murders). The Cornell I remember was one of the safest times of my life. I never felt endangered or fearful for my safety at any point while at Cornell. The scariest thing that happened was the Collegetown Creeper but even then, fortunately, no one was physically harmed. Further, I never had a fear walking across campus late at night, which was an almost every day occurrence.

    Cornell is and always will be a major part of my life, my father and uncle and myself attended Cornell. My dad was there during the Straight takeover. But he never felt endangered either. What is happening to Cornell? How can we fix this? All current students deserve to feel the safety I felt.

    • Diversity and Affirmative Action

      • Cornell dad

        Yep this is the end results. Two black frats at their best

  • Word

    If this was a college sponsored event. If it was scheduled to let out at 1:30 in am. Where were the CUPD cops when this let out? I would think there would have been a police presence at a planned event, that late. My condolences to those involved. And agree with the above posts on waiting for the facts to come out.

  • Kathy

    When does it stop. A bright young man. killed.. Colleges should put an end to these gatherings. They don,t know how to behave I hope they get the killer. Their life is over but I don, care. Do you know what you just did? Cornell U. Wake up. This is not the first time a black student has been killed on your college.

  • Leetch2

    This is terrible but people are some people are really exaggerating here. Wait until the facts come out before declaring the Cornell campus to be a minefield at night.