Courtesy of Mark Anbinder

Patrons of Rusty's Cafe can now pay 49 cents for latte art, with options from jokes to Cornell logos.

September 25, 2016

Rusty’s Cafe Adds New Latte Art Machine

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Rusty’s, located in the lobby of Uris Hall, has added a new twist to its menu this semester: latte art, also known as “ripples.”

“My manager, Joshua Jackson, and I went to a coffee festival last spring and fell in love with the latte art machine, the Ripple,” said Erika Lee, the cafe’s lead food service worker.

“It’s absolutely incredible.”

Latte art — which costs customers an additional 49 cents per cup — requires the cafe to serve a certain quality of coffee, according to Lee.

“I’ve learned that the coffee has to be smooth, creamy and foamy in order for the artwork to display distinctly, but Rusty’s coffee has always been good quality,” she said.

Lee said “very few” customers have used the ripple so far, but added that she believes its popularity will increase come the holidays.

“[During] Christmas or Valentine’s Day, there will be more people wanting to personalize their coffee order to make it special,” Lee said.

There are currently special coupons for free ripples available around campus, and the cafe is planning “a special next month,” according to Lee.

Several students said they had not heard about the machine but expressed interest in using it in the future.

“I haven’t tried it yet, but I might try it out with the coupon,” said Evangeline Ray, a staff member at Uris Hall who said she is one of the cafe’s regular customers.

The Ripple creates a variety of different artwork — from spelling out jokes to drawing Cornell-themed images — which the customers can request while ordering. Students can also download a free app called Coffee Ripples, which allows them to choose photos or draw personalized designs on their phones, according to Lee.

“I tried the ripple with my son’s face the other day and everyone was so surprised,” said Siobhan Stack, a barista at Rusty’s.

Lee added that the Ripple is known among the cafe’s regular customers and baristas as the ‘Star Trek,’ due to the machine’s speed.

“It’s like slowly and then boom! Ripples are fun and a great way to de-stress,” Lee said. “We have a great community here at Rusty’s and this new addition will bring more smiles.”