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September 27, 2016

Student Assembly ‘Free Tampon’ Referendum Passes With Overwhelming Support

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Garnering 3,034 student votes — with 78.6 percent of all participants voting in favor — referendum 30, which plans to make feminine sanitary products available for free in all campus bathrooms, was passed by the Student Assembly on Tuesday afternoon.

Slightly more than 26 percent of the 14,622 undergraduate students eligible participated in the referendum vote — 16.3 percent voted against and five percent submitted a blank answer. The referendum was placed on the S.A. election ballot last week after garnering sufficient signatures in an earlier campaign.

The proposal was introduced a week following Brown University’s announcement that it will supply tampons and sanitary products free of charge in every gender’s non-residential bathrooms on campus.

Matthew Indimine ’18, S.A. executive vice president, expressed his excitement for student support of the referendum.

“This referendum shows that there truly is overwhelming support for this,” he said. “Three thousand and thirty four students voted in favor of passing an initiative towards gender equity. I’m excited for the next steps, and hope that this momentum continues.”

Jordan Berger ’17, S.A. president, said while she anticipated the referendum would pass and had registered student enthusiasm, she did not expect such a large margin of votes in favor.

“I worked with the Women’s Resource Center to get this referendum on the ballot,” she said. “They had many supporters so I was not very surprised that it passed, but I was surprised that it passed by such a large margin.”

Berger also expressed her eagerness to present the referendum to the University president for implementation.

“I am really excited to go to the president with the results of the referendum,” Berger said. “There was an overwhelming majority of students who voted in favor and I look forward to figuring out how to implement this initiative.”

Josephine Chu ’18 contributed reporting to this article.

  • Abe ’14

    Love that the SA has no problem that fewer than 1/3 of all undergraduates even voted in this thing, much less approved of the initiative. Hardly an overwhelming result.

  • frugality is power

    What a fucking brilliant use of student money. Maybe we could stop wasting money and lower the cost of attendance instead. I’d be pretty pissed off to know I needed giant loans just to fund bullshit like this.

    • Reality Check

      Sun reporting says nothing about source of funding for tampons/pads. Is it true that SA funding would be used? If this initiative goes forward maybe the next step should be free shaving products for men.

      • Guy Incognito

        Free shaving products for men and women, why judge?
        Why not free band aids?
        Free Bodywash?
        Free Toothpaste, everyone needs it for good health, so it should be free too.

        • Reality Check

          In the immortal words of Wolcott Gibbs, “Where it all will end, knows God”

  • So stupid

    WTF? IF tampons were never free EVER in every female bathroom, then why is this even a “thing” Thiz is a “supply” as the commenter said above, like toothpaste, razors, etc. that each student brings to school and buys when they run out. Even in a freaking hotel you have to go down to the main desk and buy a supply like those if you run out or forgotten. I’m off for gender equal Oligi and respecting all the sexes no matter what they are but this is a load of bullshit which I laughed at when I heard it was happening at Brown. So now the school is following suit with the irrational ” politically correct ” idea of free tampon I’m all bathrooms. Why not put the little dispensers in all bathrooms and at least pay $.25 for each when needed like they do in public restrooms. What point is trying to be made and making it for free when nothing is free including the huge tuitions we’re paying? Next thing we will see is morning after pill free in all bathrooms or yeast infection medication free in all bathrooms -where does this shit end?

  • So stupid

    Excuse all the typos.did not proofread- I’m all for respecting any gender I meant.

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  • Great Idea

    Those laughing and getting upset must never have had to pay the expense of these items. It is a big cost for women and just until recently it was a taxed item as well. It is not like women go “oh yeah” I have to go get sanitary supplies. If the cost of condoms are free…the cost of this should be as well. You choose to shave, take a shower, brush your teeth. I don’t think women asked to have a monthly cycle. There is a huge difference. I do have a problem with this “Next thing we will see is morning after pill free in all bathrooms or yeast infection medication free in all bathrooms -where does this shit end?” The morning after pill should not be free” as that is a choice once again to have sex so if your a male that slept with a female think your both equally responsible to pay for the morning after pill.

    • Absurd

      Condoms are not entirely free. You can take two a day from Gannett, but by no means is that anyone’s main supply.

      Shaving products for men are more essential because often times you have to be clean shaven for jobs and interviews, as well as numerous other reasons.

      Also I have a mom and a sister, at most they pay $10 a month for tampons. That is less than most other regular hygiene expenses. I guarantee people fighting for this initiative spend more than that on coffee in a week.

      Lastly, since when did not supplying free tampons insinuate a lack of gender equality. Have we achieved all social justice goals to the extent that now we need to create issues out of nothing?

    • Tamponsforlife

      To ” great idea”- your ideas make no sense.Of course we women have to think ahead and plan on buying these “supplies” since we will be using then monthly for about 30-40 years. By you saying that those of us that are ridiculing this idea have never had to purchase these things-WRONG- we purchase them for many years as we do all of our hygiene items. By making them “free” in all bathrooms does not do jack shit for gender equity. If it makes you “feel better” then that’s a different story, but in terms of really making a difference it’s a joke. Leave those bullshit ideas at Brown where they belong and focus on more important things- like making a stink about an unsolved murder on campus that’s over a month old-how about that??????

  • George

    Nothing is free. What morons!

  • Karen

    I paid my own way through Cornell. It took 10 years to pay off the loans. I never, ever would have expected free tampons and pads. As a woman, I know what it my responsibility to take care of myself. I am embarrassed to be associated with a school that does not relate to its students on a mature level. Please stop calling me for money. No more.

  • Karen

    what is my responsibility.

  • Are You Serious…

    Inb4 these dumb spoiled brats complain that the tampons aren’t “the good quality kind.” I’m a female student and the fact that this resolution was even considered is idiotic. Buy your own goddamn sanitary stuff and stop expecting other people to pay for your ish.

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