Linbo Fan / Sun Staff Photographer

The recent closure of the Cascadilla Gorge trail follows its six-year suspension from 2008 to 2014, also due to safety concerns.

October 16, 2016

Cascadilla Gorge Trail Closes Temporarily Due to Erosion on Paths

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The Cascadilla Gorge trail, between Treman Triangle at Linn St. and College Ave., has been temporarily closed due to safety issues.

Todd Bittner, director of natural areas at Cornell Plantations, said the “recent hard rain following this summer’s drought” eroded material onto a section of the trail. As a result, the trail will remain closed “until steps have been taken to return it to safe walking conditions.”

“We are working to monitor conditions and address the underlying stormwater drainage issue,” he said. “We hope the trail can reopen soon, because it is enjoyed by so many.”

However, depending on the work needed to complete repairs, the trail may be closed through the winter, according to Bittner.

The gorge — owned and managed by the Cornell Plantations — was last closed in 2008 due to storm-related safety concerns and reopened in 2014, according to the University.

Robert H. Treman donated the gorge to the University in 1909 to support “public use, education and enjoyment,” according to the Cornell Plantations website. The gorge trail is 400 feet in elevation and 7,800 feet in length.